Xbox 1080 Revealing At E3?

In what surely has to be unreliable news, CVG is reporting that an anonymous source has spoken to respected game publication, Develop, about the Xbox 360’s successor.  According to the source, Electronic Arts already has the initial development kits in-house and is creating launch titles as you read this.  According to the report, Microsoft is seeking to integrate Kinect within the new console and plans to have an announcement ready for this year’s E3.  The idea is to prevent Nintendo from stealing the 360’s thunder.  Microsoft knows that if 360 sales start to diminish now, it would be difficult to fix that prioar to their next console’s launch.  The source also said Microsoft is projected to have the system ready for the mass market by holiday 2012.

Here’s what I have to say: don’t believe everything you read online.  If this news is indeed true, Microsoft had better know what its doing.  While the 360 could be considered old enough by traditional console cycles, the system is only now reaching its saturation point.  I believe it has a lot of life left.   The same is true for the PS3.

All this next-gen talk has me uneasy. I just completed Killzone 3, SOCOM 4 and am preparing to start MotorStorm: Apocalypse when everyone is talking about this bold, new generation we’re going to blast off into come next year.  I don’t know if I’m ready for it just yet.  I love these current-gen titles and don’t want something to hit me at E3 that makes me crave something even more awesome than what we’re already experiencing.

What do you all think of this news?  Are you with me in thinking this is completely bogus?  Would Microsoft take the chance that the 360 sales start to dry up just so they can release their next machine early to challenge Nintendo?  Also, where would this leave Sony?

8 thoughts on “Xbox 1080 Revealing At E3?”

  1. Even if it’s true or not, it’s interesting to see Nintendo pull out a new console before the competition. Could possibly be YEARS before the competition too!

  2. Sounds like a weak attempt to draw attention way from Nintendo.

    “Hey, we have a new box too! Look over here! You don’t need a Stream with small storage and expensive touch screens! You’ll be an even BETTER controller with our next machine!”

    Come on…

  3. Yeah Justin that’s exactly right. I really hope Microsoft doesn’t rush their next system out of the gate like they did with the 360. We all remember what happened with that O_o

  4. I doubt Microsoft would reveal a console at this time (or maybe I should say I don’t think they should). I don’t know how well it would be received by the market at this time, I think that the current HD consoles have plenty of life in them to carry them through another year or so. I’m really happy with my 360 and PS3, and there are many games I haven’t experienced yet. There are also plenty of titles coming out down the road, so I don’t feel really compelled to get something new.

    Realistically, how much better could the visuals be on a new console produced at this time? And how much better could they make the system while still keeping it at a reasonable cost? Would it be a significant boost, and would that be enough to convince people to plunk down the money? I get the feeling that just making a system with a more powerful processor or stronger chipset won’t make much of a difference this time around. For Nintendo, it makes sense because the Wii was not an HD console.

    Now if Microsoft announced some kind of portable 360, then that would be something different.

  5. We’ll find out soon enough Tim, but I really hope MS plays this smart. They just released Kinect, which has been doing great so I wouldn’t understand this move.

  6. Microsoft has no business entering the portable market. Zune failed, and is completely software now, and Windows phones aren’t faring much better. They need to stick to their guns, not announce a stupid console, continue improving the Kinect experience and evolving Xbox Live.

    These are the kinds of rumors that cause me to be sore about companies that try to do something that isn’t justified for their overall strategy. We don’t need anymore ‘me-toos’. That’s why ‘Stream’ will continue Nintendo’s brand of gaming-centric boxes, and Sony/Microsoft leading the way of multimedia machines. But since the industry isn’t ready yet for a universal console, we’ll continue to see this competition.

  7. Oh I agree, I’m just saying that would surprise me quite a bit. The Zune really failed to capture the market even though I know some friends swore by the Zune HD. It seems like Microsoft has already abandoned the device.

    I hope Kinnect won’t suffer the same fate. I haven’t really seen anything for the console post-launch and that’s kind of sad. There have been huge waves in the mod community over how to implement the device and it seems like it’s getting swept aside. Sure it sold well, but what compelling software have we seen? I sure hope Microsoft actually intended for it to be legitimate gaming enhancement, not just some peripheral to increase holiday sales.

  8. Funny you should say that because I’m feeling the same right now. The device has been extremely quiet post launch. I hope E3 changes that because last year it was all the rage.

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