What’d You Think Of Thor + Did You Take Advantage Of FCBD 2011?

Let’s start with this…

I’ll be the first to admit I was extremely skeptical of Thor, only because it’s based off Norse mythology.  How were Marvel and Paramount possibly going to make that fit within the same universe as Incredible Hulk and Iron Man.  The minute I saw the first trailer though, my initial reaction was “wow this looks pretty good.”  Now that I’ve seen the movie, I stand by that.  I thought it was great.  A huge surprise in the same way that Iron Man blew me away.  If this is any indication I think the Avengers movie has a real shot at becoming one of the best comic movies ever.

Next up is The First Avengers: Captain America.  I’m not so convinced on the costume, but the rest of the movie looks the part.  The nice little teaser at the end of the credits of Thor gives a clear indication of what we can expect from Cap and Avengers.  I think Marvel is doing all of these movies justice since they created Marvel Studios.  It’s a real shame Fox and Sony own the rights to so many of their other characters because it would be wonderful to see what Marvel could do with Spidey and the Fantastic Four.  Oh well, maybe Disney will be able to buy the rights back one of these days.

Outside of Thor, this weekend was 2011’s Free Comic Book Day.  The big three releases being given out this weekend were…

For those that don’t know Free Comic Book Day was started thanks to the first Spider-Man movie.  The idea was to get people to watch the movie and then pick up a free comic.  With any luck the new people who read the free comic would then go back and buy new ones, becoming a fan of the medium.  The idea was solid, but for years publishers put out fairly lacklustre books.  That changed in recent times when the top tier writers started putting out brand new stories of their best characters.  The above three books are just suck examples.  DC and Marvel would never let their brand new movies go un-marketed so this is why you see characters like Green Lantern, Captain America and Thor being showcased.  Marvel also threw in Spider-Man because they have a mini-event coming up surrounding the character and are looking to get some free press from the book.

I highly recommend you go to your local comic book shop and see if they have any copies of these books left.  Odds are they do, and they’ll be more than willing to part with the extra copies.  It’s a wonderful medium comics, and I encourage all of you to experience them.  What with all the huge blockbusters these comics are inspiring, it’s nice to go back to the source material every now and then.

So there you have it everyone.  Let us know what you thought of Thor and whether you took advantage of FCBD 2011.  If not, go and take advantage of it right now!

6 thoughts on “What’d You Think Of Thor + Did You Take Advantage Of FCBD 2011?”

  1. I guess I’m one of the few people who was underwhelmed by Iron Man and Iron Man 2. The action is sweet and Robert Downey is these movies’ main attraction, but the storyline and drama are just bare-boned in my opinion. Really shallow movies with too much of a cheesy American patriotic theme lying behind them, especially Iron Man 2. The Spider-Man Trilogy evoked the best mixture of comedy, drama, action and emotion from Marvel’s side, even though they practically screwed up a bit in the 3rd one. Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, on the other hand, are just kind of shallow to me. I’m especially disappointed by the reboot of the Hulk, because the previous one with Eric Bana is an example of how superhero movies should be made. I simply loved this movie because of its artistic interpretation of such a violent character. that movie really should’ve been more successful…surprised that people hated it actually.

    That’s why I’m simply not looking forward to either Thor or that Avengers arc they’re trying to pull. I also just plain dislike Thor and Captain America as superheros, although the latter looks to innovate. We’ll see.

    I guess I’ve been comparing everything to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Been sort of nosy and picky with my superhero movies these days.

  2. Go watch Thor Ahmed. I really want to hear your thoughts my friend. Seriously, if you detest it, I’ll send you the ticket price via Paypal. Just go see it this week so we can talk a bit about it.

  3. It’s a long trip to the movie theater here in my home town. I’m not even sure if they’re showing Thor as well. The problem is that none of my friends are excited to watch the movie. I’ll probably travel with the family in July though….so if the movie is still in theaters I’ll probably watch it.

  4. Did you friends like any of the comic movies released thus far? I’ve actually been thinking of writing a mini feature on the top five comic book movies or something like that. Think that would be interesting?

  5. That would be quite interesting to read actually. My friends sort of echo my feelings but they’re a lot more picky than me in this regard. Obviously The Dark Knight is our top pick. Last year’s Kick-Ass was also a surprisingly good one, too. Iron Man and Incredible Hulk weren’t exactly incredible.

    I’m wondering of your thoughts of 2003’s Hulk film vs. the recent reboot. I really thought critics and fans were harsh on the 2003 one. For me I thought it’s one of the best superhero movies I’ve ever watched because it truly went out of its element.

  6. I just posted the article, and I’m sure you will disagree with some of my choices, but hey, that’s part of the fun :)

    Ok so here’s the scoop with Hulk/Incredible Hulk. As a child I adored the character. I collected his comics all the way until just towards the end of last year when Marvel pulled…well…a Marvel. They changed Incredible Hulk to Incredible Hulks and started having a whole family of Hulk characters. That destroyed the appeal of both the character and the title.

    In terms of the movies, I liked the first one in terms of control. I thought that was extremely interesting because the character would have to have this sort of control in order not to kill anyone that ticked him off. That said, I disliked the protagonist because it didn’t feel as focused as the rest of the movie. For Incredible Hulk, that felt like the 80’s comic strip in the sense that the attention was placed on action over anything else. I think the perfect Hulk movie would be some sort of hybrid between the two.

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