Xbox 360 Spring 2011 Update Coming Soon

Joystiq has a very interesting story up on the Spring 2011 update for Xbox 360.  According to Joystiq a Microsoft technical support employee leaked out the news that Microsoft will rollout the update starting on May 19th.  I say starting because according to the leaked document sent to Joystiq, there will be six phases to this update.  This is being done to ensure a smooth rollout to all players around the world.  The major update will be the inclusion of Paypal on the console.  While its primary focus will be on the international market, there’s little doubt North Americans will also be able to purchase Games on Demand via this method.  That’s the only user change being offered in the update, but there will no doubt be all kinds of backdoor enhancements made, such as allowing the console to play the new disc format Microsoft will be launching later this year.  What we know at this point is that the new disc format will sport a new form of copy-protection.

So there you have it.  I remember the days when updates were giant events that radically altered our consoles and added a ton of new features.  As the system slowly winds down, it’s natural to see the updates slow down as well.  There’s surely no slowing down in terms of hot game releases, that’s for sure.  This year alone sees the release of Gears of War 3, Child of Eden, and Forza. Who knows what else will be announced at E3 this June.  Keep those fingers crossed for yet another excellent holiday season.

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