One To Pull – Highlighting The Biggest Comic Release Of The Week

I’m going to attempt to make this a new weekly feature where I take a look at the biggest comic release of the week.  Keep in mind it will always focus around the books I buy every week so if I happen to miss out on something you’re currently reading, just let me know in the comments section below.  For our first entry, there’s really only one comic that’s on everyone buy list this and that is…

Without giving away all the details on the plot, this Geoff Johns written event is going to change the DC universe forever.  At least that’s what the pitch is.  What’s so nice with this book is that it feels like an Elseworld book, i.e. that it doesn’t take place within the main DC universe.  The catch is, it does.  This allows new readers to jump right into the thick of things being just as lost as hardcore veterans.  The book is so accessible because of this.  Think of it like a giant mystery novel because that’s exactly what this is.

You also know you’re dealing with a radically altered universe when Superman isn’t featured in your story.  Imagine that.  There are tons of lesser known DC characters who are thrust into the spotlight and the whole storyline is better because of it.  What would you do if everything you know changed in a flash?  That’s the core concept here.  Barry Allen, AKA the Flash wakes up at his CSI desk to find he’s no longer in his world.  Everything around him has changed and his superhero friends are not who they should be.  Batman is a killer, Cyborg has replaced Superman as the world’s savour and Wonder Woman and Aquaman aren’t exactly the nicest people in the world.  What could have done this to the DC universe and how in the blue blazes is Barry going to fix this mess?

DC is promising this story will be felt for years to come, and just by reading this first issue I can assure you things are most certainly going to remain altered.  For anyone reading comics who happened to pick this one up, what did you think of it?

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