Dragon Quest Anniversary Collection for Wii is a Go!

Jarrod Nichol, eat your heart out! You say you’re not into the Wii? If motion controls won’t grab you, then nostalgia will! Similar to Super Mario All-Stars but with a lot more value, September will mark the release of Dragon Quest Anniversary Collection in Japan, which includes NES and SNES ports of DQs I, II, and III. All Wii controllers are compatible with these classics (GameCube controller, too!). And that’s not all, Square-Enix is teasing fans with an unknown item packaged with the disc, which Dragon Quest fans will absolutely adore.

Are you at Play-Asia yet, Jarrod? Desperately trying to pre-order it, eh? I know you can’t resist it since that unfortunate incident that parted you from some of your original DQ cartridges. I’m waiting until North America and Europe hopefully re-release these in English. After all, there’s renewed interest in the series thanks to DQVIII and IX. I’m optimistic for a worldwide release. What I’m not optimistic about, however, is plans for DQX for the Wii. I’m suspecting that the developers already moved this project to Nintendo’s next console. But what better way to keep current Wii owners happy than a re-release such as this?

This year marks a lot of game franchise anniversaries….and Dragon Quest just made the first move to celebrate its own 25th anniversary. How will the others top this? Waiting for Sonic and Zelda stuff to pop up.

Source: Siliconera

One thought on “Dragon Quest Anniversary Collection for Wii is a Go!”

  1. I would love this so much. Please S-E, release this outside of Japan! The world could always use more Dragon Quest!

    As for Dragon Quest X….yeah, I’m not holding my breath for a Wii release. It’s going to move to Nintendo’s new console most likely.

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