Site Spring Cleaning: Be Involved in Envolve, Our New Integrated Chat Feature!

You have to love the internet. Every day, programmers just feel the need to contribute to connecting the world together. Social Media sites like Facebook inspired so much. I mean, look at this site. I’ve never imagined the ability to accomplish all this connectivity based on plugins alone. WordPress and its developers are unbelievable. I can be here all day praising these people, but let’s get to the gist, shall we? This company named Envolve practically came out of left field for me. I was just casually logging into fellow game site Destructoid the other day, only to notice a smooth Facebook-like chat system at the bottom of the page. I have no idea how long they’ve implemented it since I haven’t logged in there for so long. I figured maybe we can do the same (coughstealcough) for our site, and lo and behold…with one quick search and install, our new chat feature has been implemented. In order to participate and actually see it at the bottom of the page, simply login using WordPress or your Facebook credentials from our sidebar. Interact with us. Go nuts! Currently, we’re using the free version which supports up to 25 simultaneous users…but if there’s demand, we’ll definitely up the ante and pay to increase that amount!

6 thoughts on “Site Spring Cleaning: Be Involved in Envolve, Our New Integrated Chat Feature!”

  1. This is absolutely amazing and should bring our readers closer together than ever before. It’s time we all spoke one on one, or group to group, or whatever you all want. If you want to get to know us better, this is the best possible way to get the ball rolling.

    Thanks for finding this Ahmed, you the man!

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