Soul Calibur V Is Official – Ships In 2012 For Xbox 360 & PS3

Update by Ahmed Mosly: new teaser is up. Check it out!

We have virtually nothing to go on right now other than to confirm Soul Calibur V is officially coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime next year.  The game’s fictional story takes place 17 years after the previous entry in the series and we can confirm that both Siegfried and Nightmare are featured in the game.  More info as it breaks including a teaser trailer.

7 thoughts on “Soul Calibur V Is Official – Ships In 2012 For Xbox 360 & PS3”

    1. Yeah. Even the lip-syncing is off. I’ve never seen a teaser that’s not lame though, hence the phrase ‘teaser’.

      Can’t wait for some gameplay details. I still play SCIV to this very day with my buddy…we’re fairly competitive.

  1. Trailer was meh, but I can’t wait for the game! I love the Soul series, I still play IV a lot, and I and II will forever be in my heart.

    If I can make a request though…no Star Wars characters, please. I love Star Wars, but it does not belong in Soul Calibur.

    1. You and me both, Tim!

      As for Star Wars, that’s just a one-time deal, Tim. Don’t think that’s coming back. I personally loved the stages and Vader’s inclusion. Yoda and The Apprentice suck though. I also hate the fact that they have the force bar. Put them in a huge disadvantage.

      I really hope SC continues the tradition of crossing over characters from other franchises into the game though. SCII worked best, and the inclusion of Link is what made me check it out in the first place. With Project Cafe around the corner, it’s highly possible that this game gets ported to Nintendo’s new console, too. Bring Link back! Put Kratos in the PS3 version and whoever for the Xbox.

      1. I agree! Link actually FIT the universe because he is a weapons-based fighter in a somewhat medieval universe. The other crossover characters just did not fit in terms of technology and it made the contrast seem too dramatic. They can easily do other characters as well. I never played SC on the PSP, but I’d like to.

        For SCV…Link would be rad to see again. Kratos is ok, but he was just in SC for PSP and MK, so maybe someone else should have a try, but he is a popular choice.

        I’ll say this flat out, I couldn’t care less about the 360 version.

  2. That’d be interesting Ahmed. I’ll always remember the first two iterations of this series. They were just incredible. The first will always have a special place in my heart, whereas the second one will always shine brightly thanks to Link’s inclusion.

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