StarHawk Screens Leak

I’m not sure if you’ve already heard but StarHawk, the follow-up to 2007’s multiplayer-only WarHawk has been discussed in one form or another for years now.  Rumor has it the game will be officially announced tonight during GameTrailers TV.  I’ve got nothing else to go on right now, but based on the screens I must say the developers sure improved the visuals.  Let’s hope there’s a deep single-player experience to match the wickedly fun multiplayer.

What do you all think of StarHawk? We’ll have the debut trailer up later this evening or early tomorrow if the rumor of its unveiling turns out to be correct.

2 thoughts on “StarHawk Screens Leak”

  1. FINALLY…a Warhawk sequel?! About freakin’ time. I LOVED playing this game with my friends. So fun, especially with simultaneous splitscreen/online multiplayer!

    1. I’m currently writing another post Ahmed which blows the lid of Starhawk. It’s all official and has some fairly awesome features included. It appears the development team actually got a budget this time around for a full Blu-ray release. There’s a single player mode, tons of wicked online features and more.

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