PlayStation Network Back Online

Kaz says it better than I could.

I’m very pleased to hear online multiplayer has been restored. While it would have also been nice to see the PlayStation Store online, let’s just be grateful that the full service is slowly getting back online. This is great timing as I was just about to write a MotorStorm: Apocalypse review. Now I will have the opportunity to try the online portion prior to the review. It just means the review will be delayed slightly.

So, are you back online yet?

3 thoughts on “PlayStation Network Back Online”

  1. Tweeted about this yesterday as it happened. Didn’t feel like making a post about it. So far, it’s for North America and Canada. The Middle East and Europe are still offline but I’m expecting stuff to start running today. Fingers crossed.

  2. :) Thanks to this post I was able to find out about the update and psn being ack up. Thanks guys. I ended up being able to plat Socom 4

  3. Yeah, yeah now I can sync my trophies!
    Felt naked without that option and just seeing who’s online.

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