Quick Thoughts on Mortal Kombat: Legacy’s Raiden Episode

The last time I posted about Warner Bros. pet project is back when it was officially announced. I was basically skeptical about Kevin Tancharoen since he’s not a well-known director, not to mention the fact that the recent reboot of the game series wiped the floor with all past Mortal Kombat projects (be it games, TV shows, or movies) in terms of plot and cinematography. Thankfully, since the series started I’ve been pleased. There are some highs and lows, but the director manages to stay consistent with the quality and cinematography. The first two episodes took awhile to build up, but as soon as Johnny Cage came into the picture, I felt that vibe that Mr. Kevin gave us last year with his pitch trailer. Kitana and Maleena’s episodes were artistic and unique due to the inclusion of hand-drawn animation, but felt derivative because they didn’t take liberties with the plot; it’s basically word-for-word with the recent Mortal Kombat videogame reboot. Today’s episode, on the other hand, raises the standards to an all-time high. Echoing the risk-taking nature of Johnny Cage’s installment, the setting of this episode brims with originality and grittiness, weaved with the epic character of Raiden. Actor Ryan Robbins (most known for his role in Battlestar Galactica) doesn’t look the part but plays it so well. Thanks to these elements, this episode is by far my favorite in the series. Looking forward to more awesomeness. The demand for Sub-Zero and Scorpion-centric episodes has been so high ever since the series launched on YouTube, and from the way things are going right now I’m positive that Mr. Tancharoen will deliver.

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