One To Pull For Wednesday May 18th

Hey everyone.  I didn’t have time to publish a video for this week’s instalment, but I just finished my books and this week the one comic that stood out from the pack of books I bought was Amazing Spider-Man #661.  Yes I know Im a big Spider-Man fan, but hear me out.  This week I only picked up a few books, and of all the regular ones I purchased the two standouts where Invincible Iron Man and Amazing.

Since I’m only allowed to talk about one book, Spidey wins out by being an interesting storyline that doesn’t really have anything to do with the big Marvel event going on right now.  Why I like stories like this is because typically the event tie-ins simply recap different segments of the main event.  Why do I need to read the same thing, just told in a slightly different way?  So with Spidey, the story is about him taking over a class of “special needs” students from the Avengers Academy.  Needless to say, there’s a lot of humour mixed with well balanced action and great art.  What’s not to love about that?  Sure the $3.99 price tag may throw people off, but you’re getting great quality for your top dollar.

You might see a lot of Spidey in this weekly segment only because lately his stories have been some of the best Marvel is putting out.  Dan Slott is the current writer on the series except for this week’s issue and the #662.  He’s currently busy writing the Spidey event titled Spider-Island, which has all of New York coming down with spider powers similar to Pete’s.  Not only that, but the Jackal is behind everything, and we all know that his main motivation is Gwen Stacy so could we see her make some sort of comeback?  At this point in comics, nothing would surprise me anymore?

So for everyone who buys weekly comics, what did you happen to pick up this week?  What was your top pick?