Japan Confirms PSP-to-PS3 Remastered Titles

We’ve seen hints of the God of War Portable titles hitting the PS3 sometime soon, but nothing set in stone…until today. A strategy that’s certainly set to hit North America and Europe as well, Sony will start enhancing certain PSP titles for PS3 play. Of course, that means these games will be shipping on blu-ray discs. A similar move was done before with PSP-to-PS2 conversions, but the graphics looked forced and sometimes stretched on TVs as Jarrod’s past impressions mentioned. With the PS3 re-masters, however, Sony promises strong development in the audiovisual department. Additionally, there’s another truly awesome feature for people not sold on better graphics: your PSP saves of these games can be transfered to the PS3 counterpart, allowing you to continue your play-through on an HDTV. Excellent idea, Sony!

The first game announced in this line-up is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. As the trailer dictates, it’s looking pretty good. I’m expecting more soon, particularly the God of War Portable titles. Developers like Capcom and Square-Enix will surely try to take full advantage of this situation. Personally though, I’d love to see Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker get a second run on the PS3 since it’s a truly underrated installment in the series. The Square-Enix fanboy in me yearns for games like Dissidia: Final Fantasy 012 and Crisis Core: FF7 on the PS3.

I completely understand why people immediately start thinking negatively since this is obviously a milking strategy and nothing more, yet sadly I’d have to take the side of some developers which expected their PSP titles to sell well, but didn’t….particularly Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

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  1. I’m not entirely sure what to think. To me, they have a strategy already there, just allow PSP playback through emulation on the PS3 with built-in support for online features instead of LAN. I don’t understand allocating new budgets for enhancing these games when they could simply unlock this work-around. I know more than a few people who would buy tons of PSP games on their PS3 if they had the option, but won’t go out and buy any of these enhanced games because they’ll look at them as just such, enhanced PSP games. I think my strategy is more sound in these tough economic times.

    The money being put into these projects could then be used for brand new games.

    I don’t know, doesn’t that seem far more simple?

  2. Excellent points, Jarrod. I agree with the fact that simply emulating these titles for PS3 play is a more practical solution, because let’s face it; the PSP is only selling really good in Japan. They should just let the system die gracefully and offer its backlog for the PS3.

    I see this new HD strategy working only for specific games which already have high budgets on the PSP, which is why I suggested most of Square-Enix’s titles and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. These games truly don’t fit to be on the PSP and they’ll definitely benefit from the console perks, specifically HD graphics. Makes me happy that you missed out on Peace Walker, Jarrod. You’ll definitely get a kick out of the inevitable HD remake.

  3. I don’t know guys! If they add trophies and dual stick controls, I’m in!

  4. Oh for sure Pat, but let’s face it man, how many developers are really going to revisit games that only sold moderately well to begin with? My guess is, virtually none of them. By allowing developers a way to resell their old software at no additional cost would go a long way in helping garner even more developer support. Then allow developers who want to add features like Trophies and HD support go for it, but obviously they would be expected to supply the additional development costs.

    I just see this as a missed opportunity given how many PSP games won’t benefit from this program, and would greatly benefit from my solution.

  5. Yeah, man. The only ones which will truly shine are the high-budget PSP titles. The rest will be left to rot until Sony is convinced that the PSP hardware is dead everywhere except Japan. Maybe with their recent losses due to the PSN outage, they’ll actually start thinking of a strategy similar to yours to get PSN sales up in the sky. PSP emulation through PS3 will definitely be a very cool solution. I’m still a UMD buyer, but I think I should make the switch to digital PSP games soon because it’s not worth it anymore.

  6. I really see this as the future of the platform. NGP will allow portable playback, but via the PS3 the game could be upscaled and offer duel analog support. Isn’t that a win-win for everyone involved? Players get HD and analog support and developers get another revenue stream. What more could anyone ask for?

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