Poke Fever!


Guess who’s back? I’ve been busy playing Pokemon all this time and I’ve decided to make videos out of it! The first few videos will be extremely crappy but the quality will surely (probably) improve overtime so be patient with me. If you like this feature, do me a favor and go favorite and/or rate this video on youtube and/or here! (that includes you fellow COE dudes!) Anyhow, I have a few other videos on the editing boards so look forward to them! Peace.

4 thoughts on “Poke Fever!”

  1. Nice, man! Didn’t know you were playing Pokemon White/Black. We should exchange codes. I like the video quality but the audio is a bit low. You should really post this in our COE YouTube page, too. I’ll hook you up with the details through our boards via PM.

  2. Nice battle. It’s funny to see some of these pokemons nowadays lol chandelure.

    I might pick up the new pokemon at some point.

  3. I played it and it was fun. At the end I gave all my pokemon to Steven so he could kick some ass online :) oh yeah!

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