1st Modern Warfare 3 In-Game Footage is Here!


Here it is, people. Straight from the official Call of Duty YouTube page, feast your eyes on the first in-game action of Modern Warfare 3. It’s so action-packed, but sadly not enough gameplay is shown. I’ll try not to judge it this early because it looks just like Modern Warfare 2 in some respect, but we’ll see what the creative minds of three developers come up with over the course of the next couple of months.

The trailer also reveals the official release date, November 8th, 2011. Mark your calendars! We want more multiplayer footage!

3 thoughts on “1st Modern Warfare 3 In-Game Footage is Here!”

  1. What a great way to get people excited and talking. I think everyone involved did a great job with the trailer. I know I’ll be looking forward to this release. What about everyone else?

  2. Yeah Justin you’re exactly right. I don’t care what others want though. I’m ready to crank the difficulty to veteran and get the solo party started ;)

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