52″ Glasses-Free HDTV Now Available

The number one complaint the world has with 3D technology isn’t anything to do with how the images look, or whether or not the technology is sustainable, it’s those darn pesky glasses.  Not only do they cost a ridiculous amount of money, but they are noisy and cause headaches.  When you plunk down $3000 on a new HDTV you really don’t want to have to spend more money on 3D glasses, do you?  I know I don’t, and it’s why I’m holding out for glasses-free TVs to become readily available.  That day may not be so far away, as Nissho has officially began selling their 52″ glasses-free 1080p behemoth.

Not a bad looking display is it?  For those interested, don’t get too excited just yet.  The display only has a 60Hz refresh rate and 2,000:1 contrast ratio, but what it lacks in tech specs it makes up for with glasses-free display.  No word on what the viewing angles are, but I’m pretty sure that won’t matter for those who can afford this new technology.  Why do I say that, oh only because this display will set you back only $20,000.

Any takers?  ;)

4 thoughts on “52″ Glasses-Free HDTV Now Available”

  1. The 2000:1 contrast ratio is just so below the norm these days. Obviously not worth it and will definitely be outdated in a year at least. I think I’ll be waiting another 2 years until these glasses-free 3DTVs are affordable.

  2. Sounds like Nissho just wanted the notoriety of ‘being first to market’ :P Too bad they forgot to knock off one of those zeroes and provide decent hardware. Who was dumb enough to greenlight this garbage?

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