Everything You Know Will Change…In A Flash (DC Universe Reboot)

Those words started appearing in the solicits for DC’s Flashpoint #1 months ago. Now it appears those words weren’t meant for just the big event. No, apparently those words also talk about the post-Flashpoint DC universe and all the major changes that will spew out from it.

It has just been confirmed that DC comics head honchos Geoff Johns and Jim Lee will be discussing the future of the DC universe at the Hero Complex Film Festival on June 11 in Los Angeles. At this point in time we have virtually no idea what is going to happen as a result of Flashpoint. What we do know is that virtually every current storyline arc will come to an end by August 31st. That’s when the final issue of Flashpoint itself is scheduled for release. Now think of this for a few seconds, EVERY single comic DC is putting out will have its storyline wrapped up within a few short months. Why do that? Perhaps there really is something going on here.

Will the DC universe remain after Flashpoint?

Speculation is running rampant that the higher ups at Warner want the DC universe to be completely rebooted so that new readers can ease into these decades old characters after seeing the new movies such as Green Lantern, Dark Knight Rises and The Man of Steel.  This is not unprecedented for DC either.  They’ve done this quite a few times in the past.  This would be the first time in quite a while that the entire line would see such dramatic changes though.  Imagine Superman and Lois Lane no longer being married or Dick no longer under the cowl.  Think changes like this because that’s exactly what appears to be DC’s future plans.  Obviously this is all speculation right now, but the past is usually a good indication of the future.

Marvel did something similar with Spider-Man a few years back where they separated longtime husband and wife Peter Parker and MJ.  To this very day people still talk about the marriage and how they miss it.  Technically Spidey was married before Superman if you can believe that.  So the question I pose to all of you is this.  What changes are you hoping for?  Would you be interested in a major DC universe reboot? Which characters do you think could benefit from reboots and which should be left alone?  I want to hear your thoughts on this, especially from readers that don’t always pick up comics.  What would it take for you to try them out?

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