About Time: Making Fun of the Zelda Timeline via Back to the Future Crossover!

Update 2: found the video in another channel. Put it up in this post again.

Updated by Ahmed Mosly: for some reason, the video has been removed from IGN’s channel, just under 1 hour of being up on YouTube. I have no idea why they’ve done so because it was a really well-made film in my opinion. Maybe they uploaded it too early? Either way, I’ll be monitoring the interwebs as soon as GMS films uploads it.

Since I’ve posted lecture videos about the Zelda timeline just a few days ago, referencing Back to the Future in the process, I’d like to take credit for inspiring this fan film. I’d like to indeed, but I won’t. It must be excellent timing (you’re welcome, GMS films/3GI!)

The acting and costumes are definitely b-movie quality, but the amount of research, references, and humor this film makes is too good to be true! Using Ocarina of Time’s ending and Back to the Future II’s infamous timeline scene, “A Link to the Future” sets up some grade-A nerdy discussions, not to mention jabbing fun on the Zelda timeline in a whole. Theorists will loathe you by mentioning Soul Calibur II, CDi Zelda series and Super Smash Bros. in the timeline, and I was surprised that GMS films had a background of that fact by parodying it. Excellent stuff!

Just remember, the CDi games don’t count!

Source: 3GI’s Channel


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        1. Yeah, man. that’s probably the best description I’ve heard all day. It’s good stuff. Kind of shocking since I just did my videos a few days ago. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt of course since the time between the videos is only one day. Despite the B-movie production values, I highly doubt they saw my video then decided to make an adaptation of it, although I’d like to lie to myself and say that they did so I can feel better. :P

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