Radiant Silvergun Still On Track

For those of you out there that are like me and loved Treasure’s predecessor to Ikaruga, I’ve got some good news for you.  The Xbox Live Arcade port of the legendary shooter is still on track for release sometime this year.  Today, Andriasang reconfirmed the price (1,200 MS points) and launch period (sometime in 2011).  They did more than that though, they also revealed the arcade game will have both the traditional/arcade mode and the alternate Saturn mode.

New to the XBLA release will be an online co-op mode, leaderboards, an upload/download video player and an Ikaruga shooting-style mode.  Players can expect vastly enhanced graphics, but Treasure has confirmed they will allow players to select the original sprites should they please.

As a longtime fan of Treasure’s shooters, this has been one of my most requested XBLA releases since the platform first received Ikaruga.  I can’t wait for Radiant Silvergun to finally hit.  For those out there that own a Saturn and this game on disc, consider yourself extremely lucky.  It is exceedingly rare and fetching extremely highly prices on eBay.  I’m one of the lucky ones that can enjoy this bad boy n my Saturn, but it’ll be nice to finally be able to play with others online.

Anyone interested?

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