25 thoughts on “The most exciting video you’ll never watch!”

    1. You should really. Been telling everyone to start playing this. This series has some serious dept. The funny thing about this is I would get completely destroyed by pro’s in this game. They do cheat and get pokes without raising them however. Still, I’d enjoy some competition from time to time.

      1. I ended up getting lol & got myself a 3ds while I was at it since I didn’t have a ds at all. Let me know what your code is for pokemon I believe thats what I need to add you as a buddy on it!!

          1. Trainer name = Steph .Code: 02181749 2492

            I will need you for 2 trade evovles

          2. Sounds good. I have 3 badges now and going for the 4th one. not really that far but my Gurdurr has to be traded for its final evovle and Boldore also. You have all the pokemons :O?

          3. Yeah, Mal and I played the heck out of this game when it came out and completed our pokedex like 7 days after we started playing. I have all the Unovah pokemon, but I will never try to fill out the national dex. So far, I’ve been playing and raising Black & White Pokemon only. That’s one of the thing that got me hooked in this one, the fact that you can only have new pokemon for the entire game.

            Conkeldurr and Gigalith are beasts. I have a L100 Gigalith and I’ve gotten my ass kicked online by many Conkeldurrs. The fighting genre is actually the strongest in B & W. There are tons of great fighter pokes.

          4. I put my friend code on your Facebook days ago, Steven. But you never replied back with yours. Here’s mine again. I’ll add you soon.


  1. Hands down the very best movie we’ve ever had featured on the site ;). To be perfectly honest, this is actually a cool little series you got going on here Steven. Keep it up!

    1. About time you watch one of these videos and reply. Knowing you, you probably watched it for 2.1 seconds. U really need to learn what this whole franchise is all about.

  2. I’ve actually watched all the vids, but like you say I really haven’t given this series a shot…ever. I don’t know what it is, but much like Kirby, I just never had the opportunity for one reason or another.

    1. You’re missing out, Jarrod. Pokemon is a really good RPG series, almost Dragon Quest-like in terms of content. If you’re going to start, I highly suggest simply going with the latest game. You don’t need to play the previous ones since they’re so outdated by today’s standards.

  3. man that was a great video haha. I have one of the Pokemon games for the DS, but I never played it. The reason I got it was for online battles.

    I did play my friend’s copy, but the gameplay is soo out-dated tho. That is the reason why I never played it. But this video kinda of makes me change my mind a bit haha

    1. C’mon dude, do you even play games anymore besides perhaps WoW. It’s not like you would have ever bothered to level up your pokes and compete online. I don’t know why you still buy videogames.

  4. Steven! I have not played WoW for over a year now my friend. But you do make some good points tho ;)

    1. Are you reading your comics either? Both of you guys need to get back on the comic bandwagon damn it! As for Pokémon, I don’t know why I don’t have the urge to get into it. Too busy right now with Lego Pirates, lol.

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