10 thoughts on “Just for fun, pokebattle #6!”

  1. Great job Steven and Marcus. You guys crack me up on more than a few occasions lol. This is a wonderful feature that I’m sure people are enjoying. If not, at least I’m enjoying it so keep it up.

  2. If only Windows movie maker 2.6 didn’t break everytime I actually edit something, we’d have way more videos. I have 4 more battles ready to go, but WMM 2.6 is not being friendly right now.

    1. @Steven Lacroix: That’s weird. As you can tell, Ahmed and I have been ultra busy updating the site for E3 next week. Even though we won’t be there, I still want to have live blogging available for those interested in hearing our thoughts. This video feature is an excellent addition to the new layout. I hope Ahmed create an article explaining all the new features because I have no idea how all of this stuff works lol.

  3. Thanks Jarrod :)

    I really like the new layout I have to say. The one technical thing I can say could be improved is the visibility of the comment button and the number of comments for each article. It does look clean and neat though. If that’s what you were going for… Ahmed? Just not very visible for noobs of the site who might want to comment and know witch articles are hot.

    Nice tags btw Steven.

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