PlayStation Store Back Up On E3 Week?

Updated May 31st, 2011: Sony strikes yet again. Another delay, another vague release date. The official date is now “next week”, which also happens to be the beginning of E3. Who is willing to bet that the PlayStation Store will pop back up during Sony’s own E3 press conference?

Updated May 24th, 2011 by Ahmed Mosly: Sony confirms that PSN will no longer be scheduled to be updated today or tomorrow. Instead, the tentative date is now “by the end of May”. How vague. Either way, you have one week left, Sony. Don’t disappoint.

Original news story: Everyone is reporting the same news, which originated at Gamasutra, the PlayStation Store will be open for business starting May 24th.  The site claims developers have been given this date by Sony themselves, and that the store will see updates twice a week until all the content is back on schedule.  I know I speak for everyone else when I say IT’S ABOUT TIME!  That’s a good it’s about time though.  We’ve all been patient and now our patience is about to get rewarded.  I can’t wait to see what pops up on the store.  I know there’s a whole mess of gaming goodness we’ve missed out on.

Is there anything in particular you’ve been looking forward to downloading?

16 thoughts on “PlayStation Store Back Up On E3 Week?”

  1. I enjoyed your VR of Pursuit Force Jarrod, and will probably download that. I also wouldn’t mind another shooter on the PSP, and Killzone Liberation is supposed to be good. I know not as much as Resistance, but a quality title.

    On the PS3 side, I already have a wrapped LBP and inFAMOUS, so it’ll likely be Stardust and WipEout :)

  2. I haven’t heard the name Pursuit Force in ages, but yes that was a pretty fun game back in the day. I also really enjoyed Killzone. I honestly don’t have a clue what I will download as I have most of these game, but having a digital version would be nice too ;)

    1. They haven’t said yet, but if they’re going to follow their usual schedule before the outage, it should open up around 4-6pm EST, according to its US regular updates. Europe updates around the same time as well, 6-8pm GMT.

    1. Seems that only the US store will be returning today. European-based stores are scheduled for fixing today until midnight, which means that they’ll likely follow the regular schedule with a Wednesday launch around the rest of the world.

  3. ya but the us is still down and its already 2am so ether it’s coming back up late afternoon or tomorrow night.And has any one notice psn severs are running smother?

    1. Sadly, man….as I updated in the first post, the PS Store is no longer scheduled to be up today. The new date is vague. “By the end of May” as Sony says.

  4. Well it’s the last day of May and shock of all shocks… Not even a hint that the Playstation Store exists, much less and hope of it being online today.

    1. Hey Lance. Not to be a downer, but at this point they should just wait until next week and have an E3 explosion of content. If the store isn’t up for E3 that would be a real shame. We’ll miss all the trailers, etc. If they really wanted to make a slash, they could release the PS Store during the press conference and announce a few games from the show floor will be playable through the PSN. I think a lot of people would appreciate that.

  5. It’s all good, i’m just tired of waiting for the store so I can get the new black ops zombies map. I have a feeling the store isn’t coming back anytime soon. Really regretting buying the PS3 version.

    I am totally excited about finally getting to watch the Sony press conference live! That’s going to be awesome no doubt.

    Actually to be honest, i’m not really desperate for the store to be up, just a little tired of Sony spewing unrealistic dates. They should just say they don’t know, but it will be as soon as they can be sure it’s done right.

  6. I just posted a pretty crazy article that has part of what I just wrote above in it. Give it a read and be sure to leave a comment. It’s a really fun article, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it ;)

  7. Hey Jarrod, where abouts is the article? I’d definitely like to read it. New to this site. :)

    1. Hey, Lance. Welcome to the site. I hope you’re liking it here. Please take your time to register for a WordPress account here or login through Facebook through the sidebar so that you can actually chat with us. We have a chat application enabled for those who do so.

      The E3 article you’re referring to is now up in the beginning of the main page. :)

  8. Yeah Lance it’s up on the main site now. It’s a fun read and you should do the same and list off what you’d like to see at E3 this year. It’s always fun doing so :)

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