Breaking: PlayStation Store is Back Up!


This is going to be a short and sweet post. It’s finally back up, surprisingly earlier than expected! Everyone needs to go check out the updates! So far, I noticed that the European Store surprisingly outperforms the US Store, with awesome stuff like Final Fantasy VI and Parasite Eve 2 on the PS1 classics.

Go, my readers! Download and play games! The next batch of updates are tomorrow if you can believe it!

A full list of updates for the European Store

A full list of updates for the US Store

One thought on “Breaking: PlayStation Store is Back Up!”

  1. No Welcome Back program just yet, but it’s expected within the next few weeks…at the latest. Sony has a lot on their plate right now what with E3 next week, launching inFamous 2 on Tuesday and the network still being relatively newly relaunched.

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