E3 2011 – Konami Makes Pre-E3 Announcements

That’s right folks, get ready for some Konami love.  Their pre-E3 press conference is currently underway and the company just revealed that an HD Collection for Zone of the Enders, Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid. All three sets will be released on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  The ZOE collection features both parts in the series and is scheduled for release sometime in 2012.  It will sport 1080p visuals and likely some extras thrown in for good measure.

As for MGS HD Collection, don’t get overly excited.  The set will include three games, but not the original PS1 classic.  It looks like Konami didn’t want to invest too much cash into a full remake of the legendary title.  That’s kind of odd considering Twin Snakes, but there may be some other legal issues there we don’t know about.  As such, the games included in the collection are MGS2, MGS3, and MGS: Peace Walker. That’s right, the PSP title.  PS3 owners will be able to transfer saved data from their PSP game to the PS3 version.  Like the ZOE set, the MGS HD Collection will include all games in 1080p.

Finally Konami confirmed an HD collection for Silent Hill that will include both Silent Hill 2 & 3.  No specific timeframe was given for the Silent Hill HD Collection.

Now for other interesting news.  Konami confirmed that Peace Walker wasn’t going to be the only game that allowed data to be transferred from the PS3 to NGP/PSP.  They said the ZOE collection would also contain this feature.  When pressed for further information, Konami reps only said we’d have to wait for further information.  Does that mean the collection is also headed to the NGP?  Who knows at this point, but it’s exciting just the same.

While on the subject surprises, Konami confirmed a new Silent Hill is in the works for the NGP, called Silent Hill: Book of Memories.  No release date was given except for after the system launches.

Konami ended its press conference with the following image.  I wonder what it could mean?  Ok, I’ll just tell you.  Konami wants to create a big-budget Contra titled to reboot the franchise like what they did last year with Castlevania.  Let’s hope everything turns out.

2 thoughts on “E3 2011 – Konami Makes Pre-E3 Announcements”

  1. Whoa!!!! Really loving everything about Konami right now! I’m really interested in everything mentionned!

    And all this before E3 has even strarted yet!

  2. Same here actually. Very interested to hear more about all these games. Clearly ZOE is making its way to either the PSP or the NGP. At this point I think it would be foolish to release anything on the PSP, but Kojima-san said that Phase 1 of “Transferring” is between the PSP and the PS3. Phase 2 would include the NGP. So what exactly does that mean?

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