E3 2011 – NGP Enhances Original PSP Games

The NGP is fully backwards compatible with all PSP games…that are available on the PlayStation Network that is.  Sony has revealed the NGP will allow players to use the dual analog sticks in-place of the obscure button-mapping the original PSP offered.  Imagine replaying games like Resistance: Retribution and countless others with this new control scheme.  It’s going to make all those game that much better, mark my words.  It’s unfortunate that not all games are available on the PlayStation Store, such as Crisis Core, Kingdom hearts: Birth By Sleep, etc.  Hopefully those publishers that didn’t release their games on the network will rethink that now that this news has been revealed.

Dual analog support isn’t the only enhancement your old games will receive.  The NGP will also enhance their graphics as well.  The old games will see “graphic smoothing” by around 400% the original.  What that means exactly we’re not sure right now, but based on what eye-witness accounts have to say, the game’s look vastly superior to what they did on the PSP.

We expect to find out exactly how these enhancements are managed during Sony’s press conference next week.  More to follow.

3 thoughts on “E3 2011 – NGP Enhances Original PSP Games”

  1. That’s pretty cool! Unfortunately for me all my games are either UMD or downloaded on a shared account.

  2. Yeah guys I know how you feel. MGS in particular could benefit from a nice graphical overhaul…even with the PS3 enhanced port coming up. Bottom line is, any and all shooters will see a major upgrade on the NPG and that has me very excited. I’m actually really looking forward to this device now that I’ve been told so much new information about it.

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