E3 2011 – EA Announced Steam Rival

The service just went online over at Origin.com.  The idea behind Origin to compete against Steam, in every way imaginable.  How does EA plan to do this?  Well it’s pretty simple actually.  The only place to download the latest and greatest EA games is by doing so through Origin.  Not only that but EA is making Origin available on all mobile platforms so you can chat with your friends, see what they’re playing and download all the latest EA games directly from whatever platform you want.  Steam doesn’t allow you to do that.  It works great on PCs and Macs, but that’s where it stops.  So already EA has a one-up.  Obviously it’s going to take some time for Origin to compete with Steam in terms of the sheer number of users and content available, but they’re off to a good start.  Players can also expected limited edition content from such blockbusters as Battlefield 3FIFA 12Alice: Madness Returns, and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

The previous EA Store and therefore you preexisting EA account will now be rebranded under the Origin moniker.  At today’s launch the service will over more than 150 games for download.  We plan to learn more about the service during EA’s Monday E3 press conference so we’ll be sure to update you on whatever breaks there at that time.  If you’re curious as to why you should be interested in this new service/store, all I have to say is The Old Republic. Nuff said, am I right?

CEO John Riccitiello had this to say about Origin “Today we’re launching Origin.com and the Origin beta application. Over time, Origin will grow with new functionality and unique new content that consumers can’t get anywhere else.”

What do you guys think about this news?

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