E3 2011 – Nikkei Confirms Wii 2 Controls Details

Over in Japan, Nikkei has confirmed earlier reports detailing the Project Café controller.  The report which I can’t link to because it require a paid subscription to view, says pretty much exactly what we’ve been reporting for over a month now.  The controller features a touch screen and a highly advanced operating system that makes the controller a portable videogame player when not int he same area as the home console.  The distance limitation between the console and the controller was not mentioned, but I’m fairly certainly you won’t be able to leave the house with this thing.  That would completely defeat the purpose of having the 3DS, wouldn’t it?  The touch panel is six inches and the controller itself features rechargeable batteries like the PS3’s DualShock controller.  Finally the report mentions the controller will feature a front-facing camera for use in creating on-screen avatars and for online chatting.  They peg Project Café’s launch as late 2012.

These details are in line with what we’ve heard from a variety of sources around the world.  Well know for certain on Tuesday morning during Nintendo’s E3 press conference.  If you’re a gambling type person, the good money is on this rumor being 100% completely true.  Expect the above mock-up to be close to what the actual controller looks like.

2 thoughts on “E3 2011 – Nikkei Confirms Wii 2 Controls Details”

  1. I guess Nintendo wasn’t as interested in keeping their controller details close to the chest this time around after all. Pretty interesting considering how tight-lipped they were about IR and waggle :P

  2. It’s still not a hundred percent, but this is what typically happens. Japan breaks the news early because they have to get their info in order so they can print early. That said, I’m fairly certain we haven’t heard everything this new interface will offer.

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