Brave Story for the PSP Gone in a few Days…

Looks like there are long-term side-effects to digital PSP games; expiring licencing rights. Companies like Atlus and XSEED depend on licencing games, so it’s sad to see this element biting them in the long run. XSEED are the first company to formally announce such a problem with one of their titles: Brave Story: New Traveler, an underrated yet awesome JRPG. In a few days, it will be pulled off the PlayStation Store, never to be seen in English again. If you have it for UMD, then lucky you. I remember buying mine during my stay in Montreal (accompanied by Jarrod in EB Games), but obviously it’s currently hard to find. So to better prepare yourself for the inevitable, especially if you’re upgrading to Sony’s upcoming NGP/Vita successor, go and download this gem for 9.99$ only. You won’t regret it as PlayStation Magazine ranked it in the top 10 best PSP RPGs of all time.

Source: XSEED’s Facebook Page

5 thoughts on “Brave Story for the PSP Gone in a few Days…”

  1. This has been one of my biggest fears with digital downloads. Think of it like what happened when Sony tried to launch the PS1 classics and all the problems they had. Some of the music wasn’t licensed, some games were cofinanced, etc. Add all of this together and after around five years the games are no longer legally available. This sucks because it means no games are truly safe and future proof.

  2. I just bought the game I won’t have the chance to play it again anytime soon, but the fact is that if I want to down the road on the NGP now I will have it forever. Thanks for the head’s up Ahmed. Be sure to keep us all posted on news like this.

    1. @Jarrod Nichol: It’s just a shame that this news post is buried under all the E3 hype. None of the mainstream media sites even bothered to report this. It’s also bad luck on XSEED’s font that the Store has been down for a month. They didn’t even get to promote the game for long. I downloaded it as well even though I own the UMD just to support the guys. 10$ is a steal either way.

  3. Yeah man I know. Sorry for the story, but E3 is obviously all the rage right now. I downloaded this the minute I saw your post and am very pleased I did so. A lot of great PSP games are only $10 now so more people should check them out. If nothing else, at least when the NGP comes out, but by that time classics like Brave Story will already be long gone :(

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