E3 2011 – Kojima Reveals More Info On NGP Plans

You already know about the various HD collections coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  You also know that there’s this funky transferring system that allows PS3/PSP owners to swap saved data back and forth between consoles in about ten seconds.  Here’s what you don’t know.

The PS3 version of Peace Walker does indeed include trophies, but only if you begin your game on the PS3.  Apparently that locks the saved data to your profile thereby preventing trophy manipulation on the PSP.  What happens when you then transfer the data to your PSP in unclear as of now.  In other words, does the progress you make on the PSP unlock trophies once re-synced on the PS3?

Kojima-san also confirmed that at least in Japan Peace Walker will be shipped separately than the rest of the MGS HD Collection and will include a voucher for the PlayStation Store so players get the PSP version for free.  That’s an interesting strategy and begs the question, what will happen with the international release.

Pertaining to the transferring system for the MGS HD Collection and ZOE HD Collection, Kojima-san confirmed all games in both collections would include this saved data-transfer but that all other games outside of Peace Walker will be for the NGP.  I don’t think he was supposed to give that away before Sony’s press conference, but we can indeed confirm it’s happening.  Apparently they will look on par with the PS3 enhanced ports.  This would also explain why trophies would be on all games, because the NGP supports the trophy system from the get-go.  It would also help clarify the Peace Walker mess.

Other questions continue to linger such as if all of these games will include vouchers for their digital counterparts on the NGP.  If so that’s an extremely good deal and one that I’m sure more than a few people will be interested in.  I for one would love to have the ability to start a game on the PS3 and continue it at the office during lunch break, all the while having my trophy data sync.

If any more information breaks before E3 officially kicks off on Monday, we’ll be sure to update.


2 thoughts on “E3 2011 – Kojima Reveals More Info On NGP Plans”

  1. That’s all good except for Peace Walker… I already have 50+ hours into the PSP version and don’t feel like starting all that over for the trophies :(

  2. I expected that, and to be honest I think what’s going to happen is this. If you play it on the PSP, trophies will be deactivated because of all the hacking the system has had over the years. If you play it on the PS3 and the NGP you’ll get your trophies. This would also explain Kojima-san’s Phase 1, 2 and 3 of the transferring rollout. While it does indeed suck to have to replay the game, it’s worth replaying ;)

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