E3 2011 – MS Preps Xbox Live Diamond?

At this point in this this is nothing but a rumor, but an interesting one just the same. Rumors are starting to pup up about an IPTV subscription service that Microsoft plans to unveil during their E3 press conference next week.  No word on the validity of these rumors, but I’ve heard rumblings about something like this since 2007.  I’m sure I’m not the only one either.  Don’t let the name ‘Diamond’ fool you either, it has been used in the past as a membership card that gave users deals to a variety of retailers.  It never caught on so MS is apparently trying to use the name in such a way that actually you know, make sense.

If Microsoft does indeed launch a TV subscription service for Xbox Live, would you be interested? Personally I’ll have to see what’s offered compared to my local HD cable provider.  If they offer enough variety and local programming than heck yes I’d be interested.  Oh…the price has to be right too ;)

2 thoughts on “E3 2011 – MS Preps Xbox Live Diamond?”

  1. I would be interested but my guess is that it will be only in the states for a while…

  2. You better believe it Mal. The CRTC will never allow what I imagine to be a really good service available to Canadians. They thrive on giving us half-assed services and ridiculous prices. Can you tell I’m a huge supporter of the CRTC ;)

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