4 thoughts on “E3 2011: Sony Press Conference Live Stream and Live Blog!”

  1. With the upcoming games we all knew about aside I really liked what sony had to offer.

    The PSVita has really peaked my interest and hope too see more about it before its launch. I might of missed that part if they talked about it but what will the games be on I don’t presume they will do the whole download like the psp go did but probly but it on a different format then mini disc. The price is also a nice grab.
    ( Considering i just bought my psp not long ago but have barely played with it if gamestop have a trade in psp towards the purchase for a PSVita for a reasonable price I might do the switch early on)

    The 3D tv bundle is a great thing to try to get people into the whole 3D gaming experience at a surprisingly affordable price.

      1. @Ahmed Mosly: I forgot to add that looking at the graphics from the uncharted demo on the PSVita they really looked cutting edge for a handheld.

  2. The HDTV offer is actually an incredible deal. $500 for R3, the glasses and a 24″ 3D 1080p HDTV. That would be perfect as a monitor on my desk.

    The PS Vita will use flash cards and be downloadable on the same day and date. The price point is extremely enticing. Overall Sony has a very impressive conference this year that highlighted virtually all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses.

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