E3 2011: EA & Ubisoft’s Press Conference Live Streams Available!

Here’s Ubisoft’s Press Conference Live stream via YouTube, which starts in less than two hours. Serves as a nice appetizer to Sony’s press conference which follows it in a few hours. People say that YouTube’s live streaming is still buggy so you might want to check out Uplay’s link just in case. Click here to go there.

As for EA, they also have their own thing going on. Click here to check it out! Should be starting right about now.

One thought on “E3 2011: EA & Ubisoft’s Press Conference Live Streams Available!”

  1. Hmmm, one thing cought my attention. Rocksmith! I was just in the middle of talking to my gf about how lame Guitar Hero, Rock Band and dance games have become (Dance Central appart) while this same kind of game cought my attention! lol

    Would it be possible to get info on that game? They didn`t show enough of what the actual game will be like.

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