Blog Spring Cleaning: Yet Another New Theme + BuddyPress Plans Busted!

First off, we’re really sorry about not keeping a consistent layout. In my last update, we were forced to change the theme in order to make it compatible with our community plugin, BuddyPress. Sadly, after a week of use, we’ve learned the following: free compatible themes with BuddyPress are limited and buggy, nobody used BuddyPress much, and BuddyPress has way to many security holes. We’ve been having hundreds of bots registering ever since we’ve installed BP and there was no way to stop them, even the best of the security bot-blocker plugins were useless.

We’ve gone back to our old pals at Digitalnature and giving their ATOM theme a whirl. It’s basically a cleaner and more customizable theme than our previous favorite, Mystique. We’ll most likely be sticking with this plugin in the long run if issues don’t pop up. Thus far, everything has been smooth sailing.

Does anyone known any good WordPress security plugins and bot-blockers just in case? We’re desperate to find some good ones.

2 thoughts on “Blog Spring Cleaning: Yet Another New Theme + BuddyPress Plans Busted!”

  1. We think it was something theme-related, but just gave up. We have a comment system, we’re on YouTube and we have a Facebook and Twitter page so if anyone wants to really touch base with us there are lots of ways to do so. Hopefully that’s good enough.

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