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Another MGS Remake on the Way?

As I reported earlier on Twitter and Facebook, the official FB fan-pages of Metal Gear Solid offered an interesting explanation of why the original installment for PS1 would not be included in the upcoming HD Collection. Here’s the full post:

Want to know why MGS1 wasn’t included in the MGS HD Collection? Kojima Productions Creative Producer Yoshikazu Matsuhana recently told Eurogamer: “If we were going to do Metal Gear Solid 1 we’d want to take more time with it. Not just up-res the textures, not just make things look pretty and polished, but go back and tweak some of the gameplay, tweak the story to update things and do it properly. Not just a re-master but a re-imagining almost.” Would you “like” to see a reimagining of MGS1?


I smell another full-fledged remake of the original MGS brewing…perhaps we’ll see a taste of that next year? Either way, this makes perfect sense to me. Due to a complex exclusivity deal, Konami cannot use the assets of GameCube’s MGS: The Twin Snakes since Nintendo and Silicon Knights were deeply involved in the game’s development instead of using Konami’s internal teams. So, if another remake is being planned, it must be made from the ground up. Personally, I would like to see that. I honestly did not give the series much of a chance until I fell in love with MGS4 followed by Peace Walker.

3 thoughts on “Another MGS Remake on the Way?”

  1. I can’t remember if it was chapter 3, but I think it was. Anyways, that chapter in MGS where you return to Shadow Moses Island was breathtaking, I would LOVE to see the entire game remade with those stunning graphics. Count me in for SURE.

  2. Oh yeah, that’s Act 4, Jarrod. Such an epic chapter, right? Actually, my brother has been replaying MGS4 recently so I’ve been watching him from time to time. The MGS TT remake was great in itself, but I’m ready for another re-imagining if that’s what they’re doing. =)

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