Embarking on a Legendary Journey

Over the past few years I’ve been very vocal about my discontent over Nintendo’s new direction.  I have shunned away from their focus on the casual market and motion controls in general.  After talking with my pal and fellow COE staffer, Ahmed Mosly, I realized that as a site we have been covering virtually all the big Microsoft and Sony releases, but have missed out on almost every big release from Nintendo.  That’s not exactly professional and it sure doesn’t make us as well rounded, especially considering they’re the market leader.  As such I decided it was time to refocus my efforts a bit.


The journey begins...in the Twilight

So how do you get back into a company that you’ve moved away from?  Well to start, it isn’t easy.  You have to want to return.  You have to completely change your attitude towards what otherwise would highly annoy you.  Worst of all, you have to accept the old rule that playing games should be about having fun and not collecting trophies or achievements all the time.  Can you do that?  Trust me, after all these years…it’s really not that simple to do.

After spending a few days convincing myself I could do this I figured I’d begin with a series I fell in love with as a young child, The Legend of Zelda.  Remember I’m the psycho that has the Triforce tattoo so clearly if there were ever a series to get me back into Nintendo, this would be it right?  Let’s hope so.  Here’s what I’ve decided to do.  Before the release of Skyward Sword I plan to complete the following games:

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

I just started playing Twilight Princess and should have that one finished off by the end of the week if all goes according to plan.  I wanted to start with Wind Waker but for the life of me I couldn’t find my GameCube memory card so I need to order a new one.  I wanted to start this journey as soon as possible so Twilight Princess seemed like a perfect way to begin.  After that I plan to jump into Ocarina of Time 3D so I can get a review out fairly quickly.  It hits on June 19th so that’s 6 days as of writing this first article.  I’m quite curious to see how the 3D visual enhancements mold into a 2D game…well you know what I mean.  After that we’ll see which Zelda I jump into next, odds are it will be on the DS offerings. 

I also intend to make this journey interesting for those who want to follow along.  Remember where I’m coming from here, having completed the Mass Effect games, titles like Oblivion, Fallout 3, etc.  I’m not only going to write our traditional writer’s log, but I plan to compare and contrast other games out there for the sake of keeping things fresh.  I will look at different gameplay elements and see how they’ve expanded on the series and where the action RPG genre as a whole has evolved…if it has evolved at all pertaining to Zelda.

If you’re a hardcore fan of the series you might get a little upset at times because I will not hold anything back.  So with any luck everyone will have something to say about this new series.  Obviously I will continue to play my other systems and games in order to keep up with reviews.

I expect the next few weeks and months will be quite fun and challenging and I hope you join me as I embark on this legendary journey.

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9 thoughts on “Embarking on a Legendary Journey”

  1. Doesn’t that sort of invite a potential problem with objectivity though? I mean, everyone has their own thoughts and opinions about things so it’s almost impossible to completely do a 180 be impartial in this regard. If you’ve been disenfranchised with Nintendo lately then it’s going to take having a genuine interest in what they do to truly come around as opposed to simply “wanting” to do so.

    Your issue with Nintendo seems to be their direction in gaming which is an all encompassing orientation that defines the company and their products. Is a Zelda marathon, one key franchise in a sea of what makes up Nintendo’s identity, really going to change your mentality towards them?

    The worst part of it is that despite this casual direction Nintendo still has pumped out great games that define their platform in the way they always have. You still have the great Marios, the Zeldas, the Metroids, heck we saw the return of Punch Out, Sin and Punishment and Donkey Kong Country. That element of Nintendo is still there and always has been, so if the problem still persists even in light of that, then the issues have to be rooted much deeper. Now, when I see Wii U and see many of the tropes that made Wii a success being made a part of the new platform; how successful will this journey be when whatever issues you have with the company may still be represented in the company’s direction for many more years to come?

    Don’t get me wrong, I hope you do find whatever it is you’re looking for in all of this since back when we first met I always perceived you as a big Nintendo fan, or at the very least a big Zelda fan. I’m just not sure about the idea of essentially forcing yourself to embrace them is going to yield an ideal result. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more Nintendo related content but at the same time it won’t help if everything comes off sounding forced or hollow. I’ve stopped reading a couple of publications over the years because reporting on anything Nintendo was a rarity for them and when they did the articles or reviews they would write always came off reading/sounding like they writers were forced to cover something Nintendo related as if they had a quota to meet.

    But that’s just me. Do what you do and hopefully the end result is a positive one.

  2. Thanks for the comment Marcus, and the main reasoning behind this is basically to find what I lost. I haven’t been honest with myself to be frank. I haven’t been too into the motion control direction Nintendo has gone, but that’s not entirely true. See I loved Mario Galaxy, and found Wii Sports to be fun for a while. The problem was that it was just too simplistic for my tastes. I’m now wondering if that was my problem all along, not so much the fact that Nintendo had moved onto a different direction, but rather that certain elements haven’t been to my tastes. I can say the same for the 360 and PS3, but for one reason or another I have continue to stick with those system.

    This is a test to one of my beloved series. I’m almost ready for my first article to go up, having just finished off the Forest Temple and now moving on to Kakariko Village. I’m really enjoying myself. I know one of my problems was getting hooked on achievements and trophies and it’s true I do miss those on this platform, but again, I want to stay as objective as I can be. I say I won’t hold anything back because if something sticks out I’ll mentioned it, but this isn’t a review or anything this is a personal piece and who knows by the end of this little experiment I might say “you know what, I really can’t continue with this” or I might just say that it has opened my eyes a little.

    This all started with Ahmed and I talking about the forthcoming Ocarina of Time 3D remake and me not yet owning a 3DS. I was asking if there was anything else worth owning on the device and so on. Eventually I realized that I haven’t touched my Wii in years and that we as a site have missed a ton of Nintendo hits because of that. Did I not buy these games for some hatred for Nintendo? No, not at all, I think I did this because there were so many other games out for the other systems and I just stayed busy not really bothering to go back. We’ll see soon enough. Thus far though, I’ll be honest, I’m having a fairly good time. The Wii has evolved quite nicely and the Virtual Console is exactly where I wanted it to be from day 1. I spent over $100 on there in the last 48 hours reliving some of my favourite childhood memories, and that’s all without earning a single trophy or achievement.

    With the Wii U on the horizon I’ve learned one thing with the Wii, do not judge a book by its cover. Will that platform share the same success as the Wii did, who knows, but I can be sure that it will feature at least one game that I will hooked on. Once this whole project is over with I plan to pick up Super Mario Galaxy 2 and give that a quick whirl because I really think I made a terrible mistake completely overlooking the Wii this generation. At the very least I didn’t skip out on the DS generation.

  3. The Wii U could work, but and it’s a big but, Nintendo needs to put actual analog sticks on the controller. For me, I cannot accept subpar controls.

    1. Apparently the analog nubs are the same as those featured on the 3DS, which I haven’t tried yet. Did you buy a 3DS Steven? Mine is on the way, but thanks to the Canada Post strike I have no clue when it will arrive. The same goes for Ocarina of Time 3D. If the analog nubs are the same as the PSP than yes, a real analog stick would most certainly be better for precision. The unit isn’t final and I see no reason why Nintendo won’t make slight changes to the design if enough people say the same things.

  4. No I haven’t bought one but I did try Mal’s unit. The analog nubs are alright for portables, but there not as precise as a console stick.

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