The Legendary Journey: Twilight Princess – Chapter 1

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Platform: Wii
Play Time: 4.5 hours

So I’ve officially embarked on this wild journey of mine.  If you’re curious about what this is all about, go ahead and read why I’m doing this right here.  The last time I played Twilight Princess the Wii was still a brand new system.  Mario Galaxy wasn’t released yet, and the DS had likely sold its 10 millionth unit.  In other words, I played TP as a Wii launch title and hadn’t gone back to play it since.  I must say for the most part, it’s held up surprisingly well.

Where am I? I made it to Kakariko Village just after finishing off the Forest Temple.  I collected the next set of light fragments and scored the Iron Boots so now I’m headed up to Death Mountain to find out what’s going on with the Gorans.  I’m progressing nice and slowly, being sure to take everything in.

Gameplay advancements: For one thing, the ability to use the Wiimote for pinpoint accuracy when using items like the boomerang or the slingshot has proven to be a clear advancement over past games.  What hasn’t been implemented quite as well is the swordplay.  As most people would say, it’s a waggle fest.  Skyward Sword will fix this, but for this game there’s no different between making a slash movement and pressing a button.

Favorite weapon thus far: I’d say the new boomerang.  I like being able to lock on to several enemies at once, and how a few puzzles have incorporated the boomerang quite intelligently.

Plot points: The story feels more mature than Wind Waker likely because of the much darker graphics and overall setting.  The relationship to Ocarina of Time feels that much more pronounced, and as Ahmed has said it’s because the game follows the child-Link timeline.  I get the same feeling playing this one as I did playing through OoT back in ’98.

At the game’s onset we learn that Link is happy in the small village of Ordan.  That quickly changes as all the children in the village are kidnapped.  It’s then when we learn that all of Hyrule is covered in a mysterious Twilight.  Link meets Princess Zelda who charges him with resorting the light.  Apparently a mysterious figure gave her a choice, to either have everyone die or have the land covered in eternal darkness.  While in the Twilight realm Link transforms into a blue-eyed beast, or a wolf by our standards.  Only by setting free the four light spirits can Link hope to lift the Twilight from Hyrule.  That’s pretty well everything I know at this point.

Moving the series forward: I think incorporating direct one-to-one motions for the swordplay would have enhanced the game’s purpose on the Wii.  As it stands now it does benefit from being on the Wii, but only in certain aspects.  In other words you can tell that it was a GameCube game that was ported over to the Wii.  Luckily for Zelda fans, Nintendo agrees with this statement and have incorporated Wii Motion Plus directly into Skyward Sword.

I also have to say that while the story is strong, it would be all the more interactive if the characters spoke.  I’m not talking about Link.  Does he ever actually have dialogue?  I see no reason why all the supporting characters don’t have a voice though.  This is a missed opportunity, as it would really enhance the realism of the game’s world.   Sadly I don’t see Nintendo changing their stance on this anytime soon for some reason.

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3 thoughts on “The Legendary Journey: Twilight Princess – Chapter 1”

  1. You should hit me up for sometime. We could meet up on x-box live just so we can chat while we play Zelda. I still haven’t completed TP but I’m very far. I loved the game but hated the useless motion controls. I’m lost, but I’m sure with your help I could figure out what to do. I think I had 5 dungeons done.

  2. That sounds like a good idea Steven. I have you had a blast in LA man. As for Zelda I just left off at the Lakebed Temple, which is for the last Fused Shadow. I’ll be completely honest here, I have only remember bits and pieces of what I played. If it weren’t for Save File #1, I swear people could have a good argument saying I never played this before. I just barely remember anything about this game. Thus far I’m really enjoying it.

  3. Well tell me a date and time and I’ll see you there, or text me on my brand new iphone. I also have mad texting skills like you now that I don’t have to hit every single key 3 times to write stuff.

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