The Legendary Journey: Twilight Princess – Chapter 2

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Platform: Wii
Play Time: 13 hours

Where am I? As you can tell by looking at my playtime, I put in a whole bunch of hours yesterday.  You’d think I’m super far, but the Zelda series always moves along quite slowly, especially if you’re taking your time because you don’t remember almost anything about the game.  I now have eight full heart containers and saved as I just entered the Lakebed Temple.  I’ve been searching everywhere for heart containers and bugs.  I now have 18 bugs, which is fairly impressive for how early on in the game I still am.  I have three Fused Shadows, going for the final one right now.

Gameplay advancements: There hasn’t been anything overly new added to the gameplay since my last log.  I acquired the bow and arrow, which works exactly as one would imagine, with the Wiimote being used for more precise aiming.  It takes a little getting used to, but works just fine after you’re comfortable with it.  I was even able to do Ino’s rapids shooting game without missing a single target.  Booyeah suckers.

Favorite weapon thus far: The bow and arrows have replaced the boomerang as my new favorite weapon.  I’ve been using it constantly as I explore every nook and cranny of Hyrule.

Plot points: This section is mainly dedicated to Ahmed because he’s the timeline fan.  Right now I have saved all the children from Kakariko Village, so hooray for me.  I’ve also learned that Zant is the King of Shadows, and that when the goddesses created Hyrule certain people gained the knowledge of magic and started doing horrible things with this power.  The goddesses commanded the Light Spirits to seal this power away, which in turn became the Fused Shadows Link now seeks.  I was given a warning as well, make sure the power doesn’t corrupt me as it did these other people.

Remember this scene?

Here’s where I need some clarification though.  See I just rescued a Zora prince and was told by his deceased mother (in spirit form) that her husband was the great King Zora and he created a special garment that allowed the Legendary Hero to breath underwater.  Now correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this game take place during the returned child Link portion of OoT’s timeline?  If I’ve lost you, remember at the end of Ocarina of Time where we see Link back as a child talking to Princess Zelda by the window as she spies on Ganondorf?  Well the story goes that he warns her of what Ganondorf was planning and therefore everything that transpired as adult Link no longer happened.  Link never removed the Master Sword and therefore was never sealed away for seven years allowing Ganondorf to take over Hyrule.  So my question is, why was the Zora tunic created?  Based on the ending of OoT Link did the Deku Tree dungeon and then headed off to Hyrule Castle, heck he may not have ever done that.  We don’t know if Link ever even meets Princess Ruto, let alone the King.  What I thought was crystal clear is now a little confusing because Link scored the tunic by rescuing King Zora in OoT as an adult.  Alright enough of the tunic already, Ahmed can hopefully shed some light here because the implication is that the Link in Twilight Princess is somehow related to this Legendary Hero of the past, but I fail to see how he would be so legendary when Ganondorf didn’t really get the chance to do anything at all.  Could there be something else in-between these events that we just don’t know about?  Perhaps everything is explained as I move on, so I plan to do just that.


Spoiler - If Link and Zelda stop everything at this point, who is the Legendary Hero?

Moving the series forward: I already spoke about adding voices to all the characters except Link, and I stand by that.  I also think it’s time we rethink the active action button because while it works great, it’s been used since 1998.  Isn’t it time we try something else?  Just saying.  I also find Link quite slow in this game.  It takes him forever to climb up different ropes and whatnot.  A little boost could go a long way.  Finally, I’d love to see modern motion capture techniques used by developers like Naughty Dog in the HD Zelda for Wii U.  I only mention this because the old school animations featured here show their age.  Link only has so many different animations and after you spend so much time with him you really pick up the blandness of these animations.  I think this is only an obvious issue for those who have played a large portion of PS3 and Xbox 360 games because they employ far more animations.  Now I’m not foolish and realize the Wii has its technical limitations, but this is about moving the series forward and as such I’m talking about the future.

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4 thoughts on “The Legendary Journey: Twilight Princess – Chapter 2”

  1. Nice. I’m surprised that you didn’t elaborate on that “warning” cut-scene with the interlopers and whatnot. To me, this has to be one of the coolest and darkest cut-scenes in the series….where Link gets all crazy and stuff. I just love this scene so much!

    Anyway, regarding your Zora-related questions; I’m glad you’re noticing this stuff. Because I haven’t played the game in years, I’ve forgotten some of the details. So please keep it up with these small details to refresh my memory. But I’m pretty sure that you’ll come across tons of stuff that fall under your questions: if Ocarina of Time’s events never happened, how come some things are being referenced in Twilight Princess?

    Well, I’ll tell you this, when it comes to the Zora in particular, their tunic, and their references to the legendary hero…the big debate that’s going on is when exactly at point in time did Link from OoT was returned to? The games never mention this, but you’ll notice a very interesting detail in Ocarina of Time’s ending sequence; when Link returns to his child self and timeline, the Door of Time is already opened, which means that he has already gathered the spiritual stones beforehand, which means that he has already met the Zoras….but somehow in an unexplainable fashion Zelda manages to pinpoint this exact moment of Link not opening the 7-year time portal he has been using throughout the game, so Ganondorf does not actually follow him back in the child timeline after OoT. I vaguly remember in Ocarina’s final cut-scene in which Zelda tells him to shut down the portal between the two time periods, and when he is sent back, The Master Sword is already in its pedestal, which means he never pulled it off in the first place. In other words, by sending Link back to this specific point shuts down the portal between the two time periods.

    Again, based on this highly minute detail, I doubt that Nintendo thought this far ahead, but it’s a very convenient point for them. But it’s logical and sort of makes sense in some respects. I mean, this specific point in time I explained is when Link has been travelling to throughout the whole game when you’re switching from Adult Link to Young Link, so why change up the ending? Simply have him sent back to that point.

    Another factor that may explain your questions is the fact that while people in Twilight Princess regard Link from Ocarina of Time as “Legendary”, not one of them reference “The Hero of Time”, which means he is legendary for something else, not necessarily Ocarina’s events. It’s obvious that alternate events transpired in the centuries gap between Ocarina of Time’s child ending and Twilight Princess. You’ll even meet up with a very interesting character in Twilight Princess, that skeleton who teaches you abilities. His dialogue is really interesting, so keep me updated on that and tell me what you think of him.

  2. I just talked about what the interlopers scene meant to the character, but yes this was pretty bad ass and very creepy too. I watched that and went…o…k lol.

    I will continue to feed you details on anything/everything that perplexes me pertaining to the references to OoT. I’m sure there will be more as well. Thus far “Legendary Hero” is mentioned by literally dozens of characters.

    If Link was sent back after meeting Princess Ruto than there might be some leeway there, but like you said it’s a stretch. Without knowing for certain we’re just guessing away here. It’s a good point just the same though.

    When I first met him I thought he was actually Link from OoT because of some of the terms he uses. He says these ancient techniques of mine will be necessary, and how he will pass this and that on. He references himself a lot in the brief dialogue he has, which leads me to wonder exactly who he is. Right now I’ve only met him three times so he’s still rather vague but we’ll see what happens as I continue.

  3. Man, I’m pyched to read more of your impressions! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve played Twilight Princess. I cleared it completely when it first came out, but I haven’t jumped back in for a new play through in quite some time. Reading your thoughts is making me want to get back in. I played it on the Wii as well, though I’m tempted to grab the GameCube version, just for the sake of being a completionist.

    Anyway, Twilight Princess definitely had some great moments to the story. I love the dark and moody atmosphere, and I’m definitely remembering the scene you guys are talking about. This made the game feel really distinct to me, separate from other Zelda adventures (though Majora’s Mask was pretty dark too). I think my favorite weapon was the Bomb Arrow. I loved that this was included, it was really fun to use, and it reminded me of Link’s Awakening on Game Boy/GBC.

  4. I’m glad you’re enjoying this feature Tim. I wasn’t sure if anyone was reading this or not lol. I have another installment I’ll post tomorrow. I played for a few more hours today and collected 29 poes. I also scored a bunch of new heart containers. Next up is the Gerudo Desert. Be sure to read tomorrow as I deal with more story tidbits. Just as Ahmed asked ;)

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