4 thoughts on “Spectacular Tenth Video!”

  1. Great video like always man. I’m surprised it’s hard to find people online to battle. I thought it would be a big draw/feature of the game.

  2. Well it’s easy if you want random battles. But if so, the options are limited. It’s 3 on 3 only and there’s a L50 cap. I’d much rather take full advantage of all the pokes I trained to L100. In order to have 6 on 6 battles with no restrictions, you need to know the person or meet them online of whatever, exchange friend codes and then arrange a date in order to meet them online. Very tedious indeed.

  3. WOW you are kidding me?!?! That sucks big time, and Nintendo dropped the ball with that limited option for Wi Fi battles. Damn not good

  4. Good video Steven, even though as I’ve said before I know virtually nothing of this series lol. As for the whole 6 versus 6, I really hope we see more of an overhaul with the 3DS and Wii U systems.

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