The Legendary Journey: Twilight Princess – Chapter 3

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Platform: Wii
Play Time: 21 hours

Where am I? I just finished a whole bunch of side quests and am making my way to the Gerudo Desert.  I finished the Lakebed Temple, found the Master Sword, and then started another round of exploration.  This time around my focus was on collecting Poe souls.  I scored 29 of them before heading back to the main quest.  I’ve also got all three bomb bags, and the final upgrade for all three.  I now have 10 full heart containers and my 11th is just around the corner.  I even found the third empty bottle.  Score!


By the power of...Hyrule?

Gameplay advancements: I found the clawshot which works exactly like the hookshot except it allows you to extend the chain so you can lower yourself to hidden platforms while remaining attached to wherever you originally were.  The Lakebed Temple wasn’t anywhere near as complex as the Water Temple from OoT, but it was still much more complex than the previous dungeons I’ve explored.  As always the level design has been absolutely top notch with creative puzzles and great combat mechanics.  I also have the ability to transform into the wolf whenever I want, which means far more complex gameplay elements will be added from here on out.

Favorite weapon thus far: Even though I really enjoy using the clawshot, I’d say the bow and arrow is still the best weapon.  Like Tim said in the previous installment, being able to combine arrows with bombs is fantastic and ultra useful.  Virtually every secret cave I’ve unlocked has been with these bomb arrows instead of traditional bombs.  I like blowing stuff up from a safe distance.

Plot Points: After finishing the Lakebed Temple guess who shows up, Zant.  There’s a quick dialogue between Zant and Midna where we learn that Midna believes Zant’s powers are based on the “old magic” and Zant calls that a joke.  He says that he’s doing as his god wishes and takes all four Fused Shadows.  Midna and Link are then teleported back to Hyrule Castle, but Link remains in shadow form while in the world of Light.  Midna is unconscious and mortally wounded.


This is what makes transformation possible (Little BttF reference there)

Returning to Princess Zelda revealed she does indeed have the symbol for the Triforce of Wisdom while Link retains the symbol for the Triforce of Courage.  Zelda tells the sick Midna that she can’t revert Link back to his human form because it’s an evil power that binds him this time around.   She tells Link that he must find the blade of evil’s bane in the Sacred Grove of the Foran Woods.  We also learn of something called the Mirror of Twilight, but only in name form.  Zelda then cures Midna, by somehow transferring her remaining power into the little fellow.  After Link and Midna set off to find the Master Sword a diamond of Twilight appears over Hyrule Castle.

Once Link and Midna found the Master Sword the Shadow Crystal Zant placed in Link is removed and he is reverted to human form.  I did learn something new when I met someone named Auru.  This guy said there was a prison build in the Gerudo Desert that housed the worst criminals of Hyrule and that the mirror I’m looking for is located somewhere in there.  The mirror could send the souls of the evildoers directly to the underworld.

Moving the series forward: There’s actually one particular aspect of this game that feels older than an NES game.  Why is it that when I want to give Agitha more than one bug at a time I can’t.  When you want to sell over four bugs it gets extremely old having to go through the menu, select one bug then finally sell it.  Repeat this 18 times and you realize that someone overlooked this.  The same goes for giving rupees to Charlo.  You remember this guy right?  He accepts donations and after you give him 1,000 rupees he rewards you with a piece of heart.  Problem is you can only give 50 rupees at a time!  For a game released in late 2006 there’s no reason why I can’t just give him say all 1,000 at a time.  Little slipups like this are annoying and should have been rectified before the game shipped.

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5 thoughts on “The Legendary Journey: Twilight Princess – Chapter 3”

  1. Ha ha the bug and rupee thing WAS annoying. Btw jarrod read your text messages :) I’m in montreal this week-end and it would be fun to see your busy ass sometime he he

  2. Let me know what dates you’re here man, I have to head out on Sunday to purchase the new Zelda anyways so we could always meet up then ;)

  3. Hey Mal I checked my texts and don’t see any messages from you. When did you send them? You sure you have my number? I’ll send one your way as a test.

  4. To answer a comment in your second entry [I think it is], I’ve read every one too and thoroughly enjoy them. It’s nice to see you return to Nintendo gaming, as it definitely seemed like you all but abandoned them this generation, with the obvious exception of the DS. I definitely don’t pretend that the Wii is any kind of wonder machine, but there’s more than enough entertaining software available for it. I didn’t write all the reviews I did for it about a year and a half ago just because I was bored ;) I really hope I can find time for Skyward Sword, because I like Zelda a lot and have played/finished all the console releases except Zelda II, which I’ve never played, and Majora’s Mask, which frustrated me. That HD Zelda on Wii U is just all kinda win. So keep these up boss man, as I’ve been learning things too. I sadly don’t have a 3DS and don’t know if I ever will, so I can’t play OoT 3D, but I hope you love it.

  5. I actually have something coming up that may interest you Justin. It’s a comparison between the N64 and 3DS versions of OoT. To be frank, Nintendo put way more effort into this remake than most will realize. These screens speak volumes actually.

    You’re 100% correct is assuming I gave up on Nintendo this generation. I did give up on them. It’s not that I hate them or anything, but the simple fact was when I saw Wii Sports and how drastically simple it was, and then Twilight Princess was announced as a Wii launch title thereby delaying its release on GameCube it left a bitter taste in my mouth. It took all this time to get over that. I played on the DS as you said, except I just ran out of time to cover all those games. I never even played Spirit Tracks which is extremely annoying because I loved Phantom Hourglass so I plan to rectify that ASAP.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying these write-ups and I have many more coming :)

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