The Legendary Journey: Twilight Princess – Chapter 4

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Platform: Wii
Play Time: 26 Hours

Where am I? I just arrived at the Snowpeak Ruins.  I completed more side quests, collected 42 Poe souls and have 13 complete heart containers.  I also have the magical armor, the large quiver and the three large bomb bags.  I also finished off the Arbiter’s Grounds dungeon.

Gameplay advancements: I really dig the Spinner.  This neat little gadget allows Link some fairly intuitive transportation and adds an entirely different dimension to the puzzles.  For those that don’t know it’s a gear-looking apparatus that Link rides on which spins and can attach to rails alongside walls to reach extremely high or out of place locations.

Favorite weapon thus far: Still sticking with the bow and arrow.  Sorry Spinner, you’re not as useful as the bow and arrow for everyday enemies, but cool nonetheless.

Plot Points: Upon entering Telma’s bar I found out about a resistance group comprised of Auru, Shad, Ashei and Rusl.  Rusl is Colin’s father and a friend of yours from the beginning of the game.  It was a pretty nice surprise to see him trying to free Hyrule from the Zant.

Shad is well versed in Hylian legend and tells Link about a group of people who may have come before the Hylian and actually created the Hylian race.  They lived in a castle in the sky and are supposedly the closest beings to the goddesses of Hyrule.

Ashei tells a tale about Snowpeak Mountain, how evil controls the mountain and that mysterious things happen on that mountain that occur nowhere else.

After this, it’s off Gerudo Desert to find out more information.  The minute I arrived Midna began talking the people who tried to wield the Fused Shadows to rule the Sacred Realm.  These people were banished and driven out of Hyrule into another realm by the goddesses.  It was in this new realm where the people were transformed into shadows.  Eventually the people would refer to the new realm as the Twilight Realm.  They had no possible way to return to the world of light, forever shadows of Hyrule.  Today all who dwell in the Twilight Realm are referred to as the Twili.  Midna finally confirms what was pretty obvious from the get-go, that she’s a Twili, one of the descendants of the tribe that was banished to the Twilight Realm.

Once Zant took over the Twilight Realm he turned all the Twili into shadow beasts, that son of a b.  Midna says that it’s clear now he somehow came in contact with some “great evil power.” Midna was sent out of the Twilight Realm and could only return with Zant’s power.

Midna recalls another tale that suggests not all ties were severed between the world of Light and the Twilight Realm.  A special item called the Mirror of Twilight was given to the protectors of Hyrule as a means to enter the Twilight Realm should the need arise.


Only three more pieces to go

After completing the Arbiter’s Grounds dungeon (within Gerudo Desert) I made my way up to the Mirror Chamber and found the Mirror of Twilight had been cut into four pieces, with only one piece remaining attached to the mirror.  At that time the Sages made their first appearance and warned that Zant carried an ancient and powerful evil within him.  They mention “he” also possessed it.  He, of course, is referring to Ganondorf.  We learn that Ganondorf tried to take over the Sacred Realm, but he was blinded to the truth and his plans fell through.  This is clearly talking about OoT where Link returned to warn Zelda about what he would do.  The Sages then locked him up and impaled him, but the Triforce of Power, through a “prank of the gods,” enabled him to free himself.  In the process of escaping he managed to kill a Sage.  The Mirror of Twilight suddenly activated and sealed Ganondorf away within the Twilight Realm.  It was Zant who broke the Mirror and hid the pieces throughout Hyrule because he isn’t powerful enough to completely destroy each piece fully, only Ganondorf has that kind of power.  The Sages revealed one piece is in the snowy mountain heights, one in the ancient grove and the final one is in the heavens.

Moving the series forward: There’s one aspect that’s actually been driving me insane recently and that’s Link’s inability to grab on to ledges and make proper jumps without being straight on target.  I’m used to games like inFAMOUS and Uncharted where your character can make a jump diagonally and still easily grab on to ledges or just land the jump properly.  I think this needs to be reexamined as the series moves forward.

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    I’m glad you’re enjoying the game. It’s really a great time to get back into Zelda, what with OoT 3D hitting in just two days :)

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