Why You MUST Buy Ocarina of Time 3D

It’s no secret that Ocarina of Time is one of the best videogames ever released.  Every single staff member adores the game.  In fact I’m sure virtually everyone who is reading this thought it was the highlight of the N64, and some say of the entire generation.  Now Nintendo is re-releasing OoT in stereoscopic 3D for the 3DS.  I’ve compiled a short list of why I think everyone should head out to their local game shops either today (in Europe) or on Sunday the 19th (in North America) to pick up this legendary game.  If you don’t own a 3DS, this is the game that should convince you it’s time to take the plunge.  After all, it’s the game that made me take the dive.

(Note: Our review will be slightly delayed thanks to the Canada Post lockout.  My 3DS is stuck in Ontario “in transit” which means I will only get it once the lockout is over.  It looks like that will happen sometime next week.  I’m going to buy the game in-store this Sunday.)

So let’s get on with the list of why you should pick up what will surely be one of the best 3DS games ever released.

1) Check out the following media gallery.  Need I say any more?

As you can see, OoT 3D has been completely remastered.  It looks great and plays even better.  This will remain the definitive version of the game.

2) It’s in 3D!  Ok so not everyone will appreciate this.  In fact some people will simply turn the 3D off, but for those that can adjust their eyes, the effect is extremely impressive and unlike any other experience you can have.  The 3DS is the only glasses-free 3D capable gaming device on the market.  That alone could sway you to pick up the system and game.

3) The REAL Master Quest.  Nintendo didn’t just port over the MQ from the GameCube re-release of OoT, they went back and made further changes.  For starters everything is mirrored, everything.  Left is right and right is left.  The second you step out of your house in the Kokiri Forest you’re going to be completely disorientated.  When you hit the first dungeon you will experience the mix that was in the GameCube re-release except completely mixed, adding to the confusion.  Not only that but every enemy in the game now takes double the amount of hearts from Link.  That means an enemy that used to take 4 hearts when they hit Link, takes 8 hearts!  Talk about a challenge.

4) OoT on the go.  One of the best reasons to pick this game up is so that you can experience it from anywhere and everything.  Want a quick play while sitting on the toilet, it can be yours!  How about when going to some gaming convention in Los Angeles?  Again, it’s all possible now that OoT has been faithfully remade for the 3DS.

These are only four reason, but there are so many more.  There are countless easter eggs that join OoT to the other Zelda games.  There’s the Boss Battle Mode, there’s the new controls, I could just go on and on.  The simple fact remains, OoT 3D is the definitive version of this incredible game and one you surely do not want to miss out on.  Head out there and buy it now!

6 thoughts on “Why You MUST Buy Ocarina of Time 3D”

  1. I really will have a hard time convincing myself not to buy a 3DS and this game on Sunday. I still have to pick up Spirit Tracks eventually too.

  2. Well at least you’ll you know, be able to PLAY the darn thing. My stupid 3DS is stuck “in transit” at Canada Post and unless the government forces everyone back to work I could be without it for some time to come unfortunately.

  3. Having played this game a few times before, I don’t feel convinced that I need to play it again… Buying a new handheld just to Play ports is not enough for me :(

    1. While I’m excited about the prospect of playing Ocarina of Time again, I’ll agree with the fact that Nintendo could’ve and should’ve done a lot more with it in order to turn it to a full remake. Look at some of their previous projects; Metroid: Zero Mission and Super Mario 64 DS. It baffles me that they’ve taken so many risks to significantly expand on both these classics, while Ocarina of Time is virtually identical to the original n64 release aside from enhanced visuals and the inclusion of Master Quest. Although I think Nintendo’s reasoning with it is that not many people have played the alternate Master Quest campaign so this is more than enough to satisfy the needs of fans of the n64 version. Still though, I would’ve love to know that Nintendo have developed more content from the ground-up instead of reusing existing content.

  4. Under normal circumstances I would fully agree, but this isn’t just any old game. To me this is as if Konami had a remastered MGS or Square-Enix had a remastered FFVII. This remake is as close to the original concept as we’ll likely ever get. I doubt it will be perfect, but I’m suchna huge fan that I can’t imagine missing out on this one. Now as for Starfox 64 3D, that I will skip. That’s a straight port and besides there’s Super Mario, and Icarus to look forward to. The other big one for me is Resident Evil: Revelations. That looks amazing. I only wish the 3DS price was lower.

  5. I just bought this game today.

    Normally, I might groan about how this remake is hardly as ambitious as others, even to remakes Nintendo have released like Metroid Zero Mission. That doesn’t matter though. This is Ocarina of Time, it’s just worth playing over and over. The idea of a portable version alone was enough for me to justify getting it (I was already convinced of getting a 3DS already, mostly on the promise of Legends 3), but the more I play, the more I like the subtle touch-ups.

    Later this year though, I’m super excited for Resident Evil Revelations, Kid Icarus, and Cave Story 3D. Whenever the Legends 3 Prototype comes out as well, you know I’m going to gush over that too. ;)

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