The Legendary Journey: Twilight Princess – Chapter 5

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Platform: Wii
Play Time: 35 Hours

Where am I? I completed the Snowpeak Ruins dungeon and the Temple of Time dungeon and stopped playing when I arrived in the Hidden Village.  I also found the last golden bug and traded all my bugs in for the Giant Wallet.  I currently have 16 full heart containers as well.  When I entered the Temple of Time I got goose bumps once the hymn started playing.  The link between TP and OoT is really pronounced in this game.  Makes me wish we’d get more links like this to A Link to the Past because I just love that game.

I always love scenes like this

Gameplay advancements: I enjoyed the Dominion Rod and how it allowed Link to take control of statues.  This new gameplay mechanic would be used again somewhat in Phantom Hourglass.  Outside of that nothing overly special has happened since my previous entry.

Favorite weapon thus far: No matter how many new weapons I find I keep using my bow and arrow, so you know what that means ;)

Plot Points: For the longest time I didn’t get any new story elements.  Once I completed the Temple of Time though I learned something rather interesting.  It turns out that the race that lived in the sky, the ones with whom were closest to the goddesses and who created the Hylians; they’re called the Ooccaa, the people of the sky.  Don’t you find that interesting?  There’s a lot of “sky” mentioned in there and we now know that Skyward Sword deals with the creation of the Master Sword and takes place before Ocarina of Time.  Is it a mere coincidence that the Ooccaa happened to live in the sky and be even referred to as the people of the sky?  Somehow I think this is all going to come together nicely in the next game.

This was one of the best moments in the entire game thus far

When I returned the wooden statue to Ilia a cutscene played out where Gor Coron said the statue belonged to the tribe that once protected the royal family. I assume he’s talking about the tribe Impa belonged to from OoT.   Gor says that their numbers dwindled in “the prolonged wars.”  That’s all the developments I have to go on right now.

Moving the series forward: I have nothing new to add.

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11 thoughts on “The Legendary Journey: Twilight Princess – Chapter 5”

  1. I myself enjoy the sky element that has been hinted in the series for quite sometime, Twilight Princess included. Having Hyrule’s origins traced from the sky is going to be fairly interesting.

    The Temple of Time and Snowpeak are two of the most unique dungeons in the series. I love the former because I remember that it’s not over after beating the boss…the return sequence and statue controls are really good stuff. Snowpeak was great as well because it didn’t feel like a typical Zelda dungeon at all.

    My only big critique of Twilight Princess is that many of its weapons are under-utilized. It has so much variety, but as you head towards the end of the game you’ll find your choices in solving puzzles and defeating bosses quite limited.

  2. I just completed the game. Really makes me in the mood to play more Zelda, so I need to pick up OOT3D eventually and Spirit Tracks (Phantom Hourglass was fantasticly awesome). My complaints with Twilight Princess are the following:

    -No voice-acting, don’t understand how ‘fans’ cans still defend this
    -No HD. The game suffers on a HD set. Still pretty, but would have rocked in HD
    -Way too easy. It’s no Wind Waker but there’s really nothing challenging here. Bosses are push overs. The puzzles are hard, but when it comes to combat, there’s barely any risks here. I read in an article that Zelda games aren’t known for their difficulty. What they should have said is that newer Zelda games aren’t know for their difficulty. Play ALTTP and you’ll see how unforgiven the dungeons were. It was very common back then to lose 2 full hearts when hit by a regular enemy. I miss that.
    -Storyline…. this one you can debate me on it. I thought some parts were just rushed to make a game, which is fine. But I never got the sense of epicness I got when I saw Ganondorf in the castle talking with the King in OOT. OOT was epic so was Majora’s Mask (one of my favs). TP was great, but not to the level of greatness that previous Zelda game showed.

  3. Btw, I saw some videos of Skyward Sword. The game looks really nice, a mix of WW and TP. I still think I would have preferred a darker them like in TP (or even OOT and MM to a certain degree) but I will give it a chance. However, I’ve heard that the game doesn’t even use the Wii’s IR sensors? Why is that? Aiming with the bow and hookshot in TP was fun no?

  4. I haven’t paid any attention to Skyward Sword at all so that I can be completely surprised.

    Most of your complaints are justified. No voiceovers is ridiculous at this point in time. Some of the gameplay needs to be fixed up as I’ve mentioned throughout this series. HD is fairly obvious and should be rectified come next-gen, but yes, Nintendo should have build the Wii HD-ready.

    As for the story, it really depends on your taste. I found overall it is tying in nicely with OoT, but getting from point A to point B is dragging a little. I find the pacing to be a little off compared to OoT. That game you went from one epic moment to the next, almost like ALttP. Here it does drag on with fetch quests before you move on, thereby extending the game with virtually no story added whatsoever. Just read through this series and you’ll see what I mean. I didn’t update the story section in this entry at all because of that.

    As for difficulty, I have yet to actually die because of a boss battle or anything like that. I’m right where you were yesterday, at the Palace of Twilight. So I think that’s pretty awesome. Some of the puzzles are indeed challenging though and that’s where I’ve spent most of my time.

  5. The palace of twilight is pretty cool. Those portions with the hand chasing you were pretty stressful and reminded me of the original Zelda.

    I didn’t follow anything on Skyward Sword. I was disappointed at E3 last year because of the visual style. Now that I’ve completed TP, I’ve gotten back into the series and am more curious about upcoming Zelda games.

  6. I haven’t played the temple yet but from what you’re saying it sounds like the hand that followed you in ALttP which was crazy difficult. Most people forget just now hard portions of that game were. I’ve always wanted to revisit Hyrule at that point in time.

    I’m excited for Skyward Sword if only to say goodbye to the HD-less Zelda series and welcome the future. I always want to find out more about the history of the Master Sword.

  7. All this Zelda talk makes me want to grab Oot 3D :S lol plus I still have my N64 with my copy of MM hehe

  8. I almost restarted Phantom Hourglass today, the only thing that stops me is those damm time-levels you have to redo every single time you complete a dungeon. Besides that, that game was a complete and uter blast. Really in the mood for more Zelda.

  9. Unfortunatly in our town we don’t get things on release dates lol. I might try next weekend to head up to Timmins and trade in a few things at EB games and grab it!!!

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