Player Warning: OoT CD Offer Glitch

Update: Nintendo has extended the offer until tonight at midnight.  That’s June 20th until midnight pacific time.  Anyone who registers the game between yesterday and tonight at midnight will automatically receive the free CD.  Time to get moving people!

For all those that headed out today or plan to head out sometime this week for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D you might be thinking of registering the game to Club Nintendo for the following offer.

If you do register the game and you don’t see a pop-up menu appear after you complete the game registration survey do not freak out.  Nintendo knows there’s currently a glitch with the system whereby users are not seeing the prompt to opt-in for the bonus CD reward.  What you do in this case is the following.

1) Call Nintendo customer service at 1-800-255-3700

2) Press #3

3) Press #0

Wait on the phone and the person at the other end will ask for your shipping information and the registration code for the game.  Provide the service rep with this info and they’ll mail off your CD right away.  Simple as that.

I figured there may be many people out wondering about this.  It’s important you go through this process though because you must opt-in for the CD or you will not receive one.

2 thoughts on “Player Warning: OoT CD Offer Glitch”

  1. I hope I can get mine, but considering the game still has a couple of days to get to me, I have a feeling that I won’t make the offer. In that case, you’ll have to hook me up, Jarrod. :P

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