The Legendary Journey: Twilight Princess – Chapter 6

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Platform: Wii
Play Time: 40 Hours

Where am I? I left off at the Palace of Twilight, meaning I found all the mirror shards.  I now have 18 full pieces of heart and the giant quiver.  I also have 57 Poe souls.  I’m right at the end of the game, with only a few more things left to do in order to say Twilight Princess has been mastered.

Gameplay advancements: Once I had restored Ilia’s memory I received the Horse Call, which would have been fantastic to have, you know, at the beginning of the game instead of right at the end of it.  I’m not sure whose idea it was to give players this item so late in the game, but it was clearly a mistake. Since I only did the sky dungeon I scored the double clawshot, which is actually pretty useful and allows you to attach yourself to one object and then to another without ever touching the ground.

Favorite weapon thus far: I’m really digging the double clawshot actually and have been using it whenever possible.  I didn’t think it would grow on me as much as it has.  Sadly the game is coming to a close so I doubt I’ll have many more opportunities to use this cool gadget.

Plot Points: After clearing the Hidden Village of all enemies I met someone named Impaz.  She referred to Link as “the savior.”  She says her name comes from “the great one who built this village so long ago…” I think we all know who she’s talking about.  The village used to be the home of the tribe that served and protected the royal family.  It fell into decline over the years.  By royal order this woman was not allowed to leave the Hidden Village until a certain person comes to see her. Impaz then gave Link what was needed to help Ilia remember who she is.


Zant about to change Midna into an imp!

With Ilia’s memory now restored she told Link about the lady in the Hidden Village who was guarding something for the “heavenly messenger.”  Apparently they’ve been waiting for generations.  Only the foretold hero with a “rod” will be able to take this item.  Obviously Link is the one who carries the Dominion Rod so clearly he’s the messenger to the heavens.  Apparently there’s a very old legend passed down through the tribe that years back when the Ooccaa still maintained contact with the royal family if the family needed to speak with the Ooccaa they only needed to use the Dominion Rod.  It’s also mentioned that the Ooccaa used to write in an ancient Sky language.  Again with the whole “sky” vibe.

When I found the last hidden skill the skeleton warrior said that only the one true hero could learn this skill.  It requires courage in its truest sense.  If that is indeed true, could this warrior be the Link from OoT?  I say this because how would he have learnt these techniques himself?  It’s pretty obvious that this is what Nintendo is implying with this character.  His final comment is perhaps the most telling of all:

“Although I accepted life as the hero, I could not convey the lessons of that life to those who came after.  At last, I have eased my regrets…

Go and do not falter, my child!”

You might disagree with me, but it sure seems like my hypothesis is correct.


It's time to end Zant's rule.

After putting the mirror back together the path to the Twilight opens and Midna starts explaining about her past.  Apparently the inhabitants of the Twilight Realm were peaceful and gentle before the dark power entered the realm.  The Sages then say it was their doing that ruined everything in that realm.  The sages thought they could put an end to Ganondorf’s evil ways, but instead soured the Twilight Realm.  They call Midna the Twilight Princess for the first time here.  Turns out Midna fled her people.  Zant was the one that turned her into an imp and she left her people figuring there was nothing she could do.  In the Twilight Realm there exists a legend where a hero would appear in the form of a divine beast.  That’s why when Midna saw Link for the first time she figured she could use him.  Her original intent was to return the Twilight Realm to normal, but when she witnessed what Princes Zelda and Link did for others she realized both worlds need saving.  With Zant defeated she believes she will be able to revive Princess Zelda.

Moving the series forward: A problem I’ve noticed in TP is that all these wickedly cool gadgets are underused.  I loved the spinner and yet outside of the dungeon it came from, I’ve barely ever used it since.  The same is true for the ball and chain and even for the double clawshot.  What’s the point of having these excellent weapons if they’re never used?  This is something the developers should be mindful of moving forward.

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3 thoughts on “The Legendary Journey: Twilight Princess – Chapter 6”

  1. I loved the Hidden Village and how it implies that it’s Kakariko Village from Ocarina of Time. Also, the old western music remix of TP’s main theme is simply awesome.

    Yeah, it’s unfortunate that you won’t be using the double clawshot or spinner much, because they really open up for some excellent puzzles. Also, you’ll notice if you backtrack to places where you mean to use these awesome items, you only get a chest of rupees most of the time.

    Have you played around with fishing, Jarrod? I got really addicted back then because of the cool Wii controls. My friends also loved booting up TP just to play this minigame.

  2. I enjoyed fishing for the most part Ahmed, but remember I’m a man on a mission here so I want to experience what I can before moving on to the next game ;)

    Steven I picked up OoT at The Source thanks to Mal’s suggestion. We all went down together and it was fun just hanging out talking games and whatnot. Word of warning though, if you register the game via Club Nintendo the site is experiencing a lot of glitches and the CD offer didn’t pop up for me. As such you can call Nintendo at 1-800-255-3700 and follow the instructions to speak with a customer care representative. The lady on the phone took down all my shipping information and the CD will be shipped out to me sometime this week. Just make sure you follow the same thing if the offer doesn’t pop up.

    Now I have OoT but can’t play it. Isn’t that awesome? lol. I will finish TP instead.

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