The Legendary Journey: Twilight Princess – Chapter 7

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Platform: Wii
Play Time: 45 Hours

Where am I? I completed the game and all available side quests.  I managed to get all 20 heart containers and every weapon upgrades.  This is one Zelda that I can check off my list.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.  Now if only my 3DS would arrive sometime this week I could jump onboard Ocarina of Time 3D.

Gameplay advancements: I loved the whole end sequence in Hyrule Castle.  It was really something epic.  Having the classic Zelda theme play during the ending credits was also a really nice touch and brought the whole experience home.  This was a wonderful game and I’m very excited to get started on the next one.  The biggest advancement this iteration brought forward was with some of the new motion controls and direct aiming.

Favorite weapon thus far: Hands down the bow and arrow, boomerang and double clawshot were my favorite weapons in the game.  Most of the other ones felt really under-utilized.

Plot Points: When I finally made it to Zant a lot of information was revealed.  Zant begins by talking about how their tribe mastered the arts of magic and were locked away because of it.  He blamed everything on the Twilight royal family, and the only reason he even bothered to tag along is because he thought he would lead the Twili afterwards.  He was never made their king and therefore denied the powers bestowed upon the King/Queen.  It was at that moment when he turned his eyes to the heavens and found a god.  It was that moment when Ganondorf stored his powers within Zant.  He said his god only had one wish, to merge shadow and light and create darkness.


It's GO time!

After the battle, Midna reacquires the Fused Shadows.  Midna doesn’t change into her normal self though and while sitting on his throne Zant calls Midna and Link traitors.  Zant tells Midna that she will remain an imp forever because it was done by magic from his god and that her powers shall never return.  Apparently his god has been reborn in this world.  He refers to his god as Ganon, not Ganondorf which is interesting.  Midna then stabs Zant with “only a fraction” of her powers from the Fused Shadows and it looks as though his body completely disappears.  Midna says she can restore Zelda thanks to her new powers from the ancients, but that the evil power residing in Zant has disappeared.  We now have to head to Hyrule Castle and restore the princess.

Upon arriving at Hyrule Castle Midna uses the full power of the Fused Shadows and becomes a giant spider-like creature and impales the Twilight shield around Hyrule Castle.  A dark weather storm starts and you just know where this is about to go.  When I finally made my way through Hyrule Castle, which was wickedly epic by the way, none other than Ganondorf himself greeted me.  After a few words back and forth, Ganondorf takes over Zelda’s body and the battle begins.  The Zelda puppet was easily subdued by throwing the glowing orbs she shot at Link back at her three times.  Midna then restores Zelda to her formal, deceased self.  Ganondorf uses his power to transform himself into the Dark Beast Ganon.  Ganon stood no chance with the combined powers of Link’s trusty arrows and Midna.  Loved the homage to the original Zelda in that fight.  After this battle Princess Zelda finally awakens.  Just as you think everything is going to be fine, Ganondorf’s essence remains and Midna transforms into her giant self and teleports Link and Zelda away seemingly to battle the essence herself.  Ganondorf suddenly appears on his steed with Midna’s crown as it crumbles under his hands.  Midna is no more.  He then tries to run over Zelda and Link, but Zelda asks for the Spirits of Light’s help and Light Arrows are given to Zelda.  She and Link are protected if only for a brief moment.


This was one of the most touching moments in the entire game

When the two return, they’re on Epona and the battle continues.  After a few shots with the Light Arrows, and hits from the Master Sword, Ganondorf falls off the horse.  This battle isn’t over yet.  Time to fight the Dark Lord Ganondorf.  After a lengthy sword fight it ends with Link taking the Master Sword and impaling Ganondorf right where the Sages impaled him.  Even with the Master Sword in his chest Ganondorf refuses to give in, instead telling Link that he won’t be defeated so easily.  He tries to use the Triforce of Power but this time nothing happens.  Suddenly Zant teleports in and makes a funny motion which causes Ganondorf’s eyes go white, assumingly killing him (looks like his neck was cracked).  The Spirits of Light then resurrect Midna and she is no longer an imp, instead back as a Twili and looking much better if I do say so myself.  It’s not fully explained exactly what happened there as all these characters stand in the sunshine.

Afterwards the credits roll showing all the different characters and how happy they are now, the children returning home, the Zora prince and his mother, etc.  This sequence ends with Midna returning to the Twilight Realm.  Before she goes she tells Link “I…” and a tear of hers flies towards the Mirror of Twilight and shatters it completely as she disappears back into her realm.  A very touching moment for a character I got to know so closely for the past 45-odd hours.

The Master Sword is returned to its resting place and Ilia waits for Link by his house as Link rides Epona back home, and a fantastic theme plays throughout coming to a fade as “The End” is written in front of the Triforce.

Moving the series forward: I’ve already listed quite a few features I’ve like to see added to the series moving forward, and I think the final portions of the game only solidified those facts.  This is Nintendo’s most mature series with Metroid and one can only hope they do everything in their power to ensure it remains as epic and emotionally driven in the future.  There is so much that can be done with this series if the creators are given enough freedom and a big enough budget to help their imaginations become reality.  With Skyward Sword hitting sometime later this year we can only hope Nintendo will take what I’ve said in this series and lead the way for another 25 years of The Legend of Zelda.


Every legend has an ending...

Conclusion: Thanks for taking part in this series, and I sure hoped you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it and playing through an incredible game.  Next up I plan to tackle Ocarina of Time 3D if my Nintendo 3DS arrives (at the time of writing my 3DS is stuck in transit because Canada Post has been locked out).  If I do not received my 3DS within a short period of time I will begin Wind Waker, but ideally I can head back to Hyrule with the Hero of Time.  Thanks for reading.

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11 thoughts on “The Legendary Journey: Twilight Princess – Chapter 7”

  1. I really want to restart WW too, as I had a blast with that game. The problem is that damm triforce fetch quest near the end.

    Also, if I may add, I thought that Ganon/Ganondorf was added into the TP just because it’s Zelda. I don’t try to make sense out of the storyline as much as you or Ahmed, so for me, I knew that Ganon would appear eventually, but I would have preferred him to be involved in the story during the entire game, not just during the last 2 hours.

  2. This technique has been done several times already, most notably with A Link to the Past, where Ganon wasn’t involved until after you complete the first three dungeons. I totally understand what you’re saying, in that they could have made Ganon much more pronounced in the game from much earlier on. At this point there’s no shock in finding out he’s the one behind this at all.

    If Canada Post doesn’t return to work I will start Wind Waker tomorrow. Whether I go for everything or the three heart challenge remains to be seen. I’ll gauge it based on my level of interest. If I want to get everything then I’ll do that, but if I’m looking for something different then heck yes that would be a really different way to experience the game. Remember though, I have never completed this one in English before so already it’s going to be really unique.

  3. I always found the final aspects of Twilight Princess confusing storyline-wise until Aonuma shed some light with the timeline after. I talked to you about this before, but it’s obvious that Ganon’s mentality in this timeline is significantly different from the adult side post-Ocarina of Time. You’ll notice there that he already knows about the secrets of the Triforce, hence the reason why he tries gathering all three pieces in Ocarina and Wind Waker. With TP, on the other hand, he doesn’t even try doing so…since he got his piece by “some divine prank”. He hypnotizes Zelda to do his bidding, but doesn’t attempt to get her piece. He even doesn’t bring up his desire to get Link’s piece in the final battle. When you’re not putting the timeline in mind, it gets extremely confusing. In a way, I do commend the writers for being somewhat authentic with Ganon’s character in relation to the timeline.

    Another confusing aspect is his death. So Zant and Ganon’s bodies are connected or something? I can’t recall the game shedding details into it, but apparently Zant’s death causes Ganon’s own demise, which was slightly confusing to me until you brought up the fact that Ganon’s powers are stored within Zant. However, didn’t you kill Zant just before the final battle? Also, the fact that it happened so suddenly. They never cut back to Ganon’s body slumping onto the ground or anything. He just stood there, impaled with the Master Sword.

  4. That portion of the ending makes no sense at all Ahmed. Zant is killed off and explodes, like literally, before you arrive at Hyrule castle. You finally impale Ganondorf and he stands are tries to use the Triforce of Power, but suddenly Zant appears and makes a weird neck gesture and we hear a “crack” sound, implying that Ganondorf’s neck has been cracked. Problem with this is, how did Zant get there? Why is he there all of a sudden? Why doesn’t he try to fight Link or anyone else? To make matters worse, the end cuts from that scene almost immediately to another scene. We’re just left seeing Link, Zelda and Ganondorf standing there in the sunset/sunrise. It just doesn’t make any sense and if they don’t follow with another Zelda after TP, we’ll never know exactly what happened.

  5. It sort of looks like an artistic cut-scene instead of a literal one, Jarrod. Zant doesn’t seem to be really there…it’s just his spirit or something. It’s so obvious Nintendo had to cut out some scenes in the end, because I don’t think they’ll ever explain it, even with a TP follow-up.

  6. It just felt weird because there’s a portal open and presto Zant’s there, makes the weird neck breaking move and then Ganondorf’s eyes go white. It’s almost like “wtf” lol.

  7. I still don’t beleive Nintendo even has a whole storyline planned out. I like the facts that hardcore fans are making a timeline and all, but honestly, Nintendo never planned for all this stuff and simply pumps out new stories here and there and fans fit it wherever it makes the most sense.

  8. I as well don’t believe nintendo plans more than a game or two ahead. Miyamoto isn’t known for his writing/storytelling skills. If they were serious about Zelda’s strory they would have hired full time writers long ago to make sense of it all and to write the next games. I don’t know they don’t have that but so far it seems to me that the high level designers and miyamoto just have the story fit the gameplay and not the other way around.

    These guys contradict each other sometimes in q&a’s. Sadly, I don’t think they care about story :/

  9. The way I see it is something like this, they create stories that loosely tie each game to the franchise. Like Ahmed and I was discussing the other day, Miyamoto doesn’t like cutscenes in games whatsoever so if he had his way there would likely be no story in Zelda at all outside of “save the Triforce or the Princess” you decide lol.

    Certain games tie together nicely, and I think that was their original plan. Look at Zelda 1 to Zelda 2, both have a logical progression. ALttP, it was another easy one, let’s make a game that takes place before Zelda 1, and 2. Then with OoT, they said let’s make one before ALttP. It’s after OoT where things get all messed up because by that point in time people wanted more Zelda games to get released at a higher frequency and the technology had arrived where gamers demanded deeper stories. This is why the games afterwards start to get a little messed up, and it’s here where I think everyone just said to keep it as vague as possible so the stories connect but only loosely and there is no master plan after that.

  10. The next series is live Justin. Hopefully I’ll be able to wrap this one up just as quickly as Twilight Princess. Right now I feel like I blazing through so with any luck Canada Post will return to work as I post the final chapter in the next series so I can jump right into Ocarina of Time 3D.

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