Sony Officially Announces New PS3 Model

Don’t get overly excited here, this new PS3 model is simply an evolution of the latest model they have out.  The new model number is CECH-3000B and the system weighs about 2.6kg (down from 3.0kg in the CECH-2500B).  It also consumes less power, 200 watts from 230.  The hard drive remains the same at 320GB.  The new model will replace existing models once the current inventory is depleted.

2 thoughts on “Sony Officially Announces New PS3 Model”

  1. That will be PS4. While there are devices that support 1.4, and have been since late 2009 if memory serves, it isn’t widespread just yet. It means a lot of people would need the receiver, etc that is compatible with it. I think the PS4 is a much better candidate at this point because 1.4 support resolutions up to 4K by 2K, that’s 3840×2160p!

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