Battle against Steph!

Steph and I had a few battles over the last week or two but this is the one I decided to showcase. Pretty interesting battle with some nice pokes here and there. Hope you like it and look forward to more videos.

12 thoughts on “Battle against Steph!”

  1. Next time I shall defeat you hehe.
    I need to learn to switch out pokemons lol I’m still playing old school style where they are troopers and fight till the end.

    Now I need to level up new ones!

  2. MAN! That was entertaining! Awesome match guys. That is my favourite commentary to date too. You are getting better and better at that Steven :)

    That was close Stephane, I have the same problem too lol

  3. Lol, the thing I notice most is that you shouldn’t be afraid to bring pokemon in as death fodder. Something funny happened during my next video (which I hope to upload soon). We both at one point switch out pokes for death fodder, we both ended up having to pick a new pokemon and basically guessing as we had no idea what the other dude was gonna bring, kind of like at the start of a match.

    But you really improved tons since our first battle Steph. You almost defeated me on that one, and I think I’m the only one you’re battling against. I’m sure you’ll give me a nice ass whooping next time.

  4. Man this was a great video and battle guys! Steven already knows I’m playing Pokemon White and one day I will be battling him online too! But, I see Steven knows his stuff, and I still don’t know the types when I see a Pokemon, and weakness/attacks etc.

    I’m sure I will learn, and I have been asking Steven a lot of questions, but I think I will get owned pretty bad at first haha. I look forward to our future battles tho!

  5. Yeah I had a hard time with types also our first battle I remember him taking out his dragon/dark (forgot the name lol) and took out my Reuniclus which is psychic but I forgot he was dark and and not just dragon I did a psychich move which doesn’t do anything lol. If you want another battling partner Timothy I can give you my friend code and trainer name anytime. As for cannon fodder it’s not like my mienshio would have done anything being burned and dead which was a bad call keeping him last lol.

  6. That was great guys. I love the commentary Steven. I don’t really know what the hell is going on, but that’s what makes it so enjoyable lol. Keep it up!

  7. I know that now my previous statement ment it was stupid of me to keep a “dead” pokemon as my last option.

  8. Sure man I am down for battles anytime. But I am not that high level yet. Working on my 4th badge haha. I just started playing the game last weekend.

  9. No worries lol. If you need anything trading or what not let me know. Here is my info Trainer name = Steph .Code: 02181749 2492.

  10. Thanks I entered your code into my game. Here is my info:

    Trainer name: Melfice
    Friend Code: 2365-6925-5894

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