Experience The Legend of Zelda Unlike You’ve Ever Before

For the millions of Minecraft fans out there that have devoted countless hours to recreating some of the finest gaming moments of our time, all I can say is thank you.  Below are two examples of just how incredibly devoted some fans are.  Just watch the videos already.

The first video shows the Zelda Adventure mod by Gary520.  It’s an actual game that promises over ten hours of gameplay and a slew of Zelda weapons.  The second is a recreation of A Link to the Past.  Both are impressive in their own right.  Don’t you find it incredible what some fans create?  I know I do.


10 thoughts on “Experience The Legend of Zelda Unlike You’ve Ever Before”

  1. BTW, expect a BS statement from Nintendo in a few days saying how much Zelda OOT3D is selling out everywhere. The truth is, while I have no doubt that the game would have sold extremely well, Nintendo released extremely limited quantities of the game, probably to make themselves look good. My store hasn’t even received the game yet and said they thought it might have been delayed since they couldn’t get it from anywhere. The closest Wal-Mart to where I lived never even received the game….. even though it was released almost 4 days ago. Amazon.ca only has 1 copy available, and it’s from a 3rd party seller. This is BS.

  2. Steven there’s a reason for this, which is kind of what you’re saying. Remember Spirit Tracks my friend? Well that game was available everywhere, but it failed to sell as well as the big N had originally anticipated and as such saw a price reduction within the same month as its release. That’s bad, bad, bad. This time around they purposely limited the inventory for this reason, just in case it failed to sell. So what you’re saying is pretty much exactly right, and I have no little doubt that Nintendo will indeed send a press release our way saying how it has sold out worldwide, even though that doesn’t tell us anything.

    Did you buy the 3DS?

  3. Nope I didn’t. There’s no point without Zelda. Nintendo needs to accept that not every game they release will turn into gold. Sucks about Spirit Tracks, but I’m sure it didn’t do that bad. Anyhow, they really outdid themselves with the limited quantities here. When a Wal-Mart and amazon doesn’t even have the game, you know there’s something wrong.

  4. That’s what we have in town, that’s the only place left where we can buy games now. They are usually pretty good too. I checked at Lasource.ca and they don’t have the game there too… would have been neat since I could have picked it up at the store.

  5. It’s funny because that’s where I scored my copy Steven. Of all the places Mal suggested we check the Source as we passed it and sure enough they had one copy left.

    Spirit Tracks sold around 2.8 million units worldwide, whereas Phantom Hourglass moved 4.8 million. So they likely made more copies figuring more people would buy the game than actually did. Since I’m talking Zelda sales, let’s just list them off here. These are all estimates.

    The Legend of Zelda: 6.5 million
    Zelda II: The Adventure of Link: 4.4 million
    A Link to the Past: 4.6 million
    ALttP (GBA): 2.6 million
    Link’s Awakening: 3.8 million
    Link’s Awakening DS: 2.2 Million
    Ocarina of Time: 7.6 million
    Majora’s Mask: 3.4 million
    Wind Waker: 4.5 million
    Twilight Princess: 5.8 million
    TP (GCN): 1.6 million

    If we combine the various releases the new chart is pretty impressive.

    Ocarina of Time: 7.6 million
    Twilight Princess: 7.4 million
    A Link to the Past: 7.2 million
    The Legend of Zelda: 6.5 million
    Link’s Awakening: 6 million
    Wind Waker: 4.5 million
    Zelda II: The Adventure of Link: 4.4 million
    Majora’s Mask: 3.4 million

    That’s crazy stuff.

  6. Oh 2.8 million is phenomenal man, but they likely thought it would best Phantom Hourglass and it didn’t. I’m certain there were good reasons for this not happening. It’s strange but you and I both skipped that one so that’s very telling in and of itself.

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