The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Adventure Log – Part I: Invading the Legendary Journey!

Yes, I’m a game blogger who likes to gloat and steal people’s thunder! Thus, the invasion of Jarrod’s ongoing Legendary Journey/Zelda series Marathon Play-through. Mwahaha! I’ve got three words for you, Jarrod: I’m…taking…over!

I kid, I kid. Sadly, Jarrod’s own play-through of this remade classic has been delayed thanks to his 3DS being stuck on transit. As South Park used to say, blame Canada! So I’ll be temporarily taking over this portion until my fellow Zelda fan finishes up The Wind Waker and gets his hands on a 3DS.

I’ve played around 6 hours and I’m on my way to the 2nd dungeon in Death Mountain. Sounds like a long time just for one dungeon, right? To be frank, I love exploring the overworld and getting my hands on collectables (Gold Skulltulas) as early as possible, so most of my play-through has been dedicated to messing around with OoT so far. What can I say about this classic that hasn’t been said before? While the 1st dungeon is incredibly simplistic by today’s standards, exploring has always been Zelda’s forte. I’ve immersed myself in finding those heart pieces and Skulltulas with a few more to find before heading on to Death Mountain. The Skulltulas locations are still so well-hidden…it’s times like these when it’s just fun to over-explore, expecting to find nothing….only to find that the developers are much smarter than you think.

But enough about gameplay. Obviously, the most striking factor about this remake is its visual appeal. This is what Ocarina of Time should’ve looked like if it weren’t for the n64’s limitations. The added detail to environments and particularly character models are breathtaking. Houses and shops in particular have a lot of added detail that wasn’t there before and character models look closer to the intended official artwork. Even meaningless places like Malon’s room or Impa’s house are fun to explore because of the new furniture, drawings, and signs…some of which add hidden gameplay tips to those who have not played the game yet. Not every little nook and cranny has been revamped though. You will still notice a couple of 2D textures here and there, which are more noticeable if you have the 3D effect on. Speaking of which, 3D is subtle, yet adds even more life to the environments. The fireflies of Kokiri Forest, falling rain in cut-scenes, the various backdrops in houses and fields — great to have these things flying at you in 3D.

I have to give props to Mr. Yokota and company for faithfully re-creating Kondo’s classic soundtrack. Aside from a few enhancements in sound samples and reverb effects, the soundtrack is exactly like you remember it from the n64 days. Even though I’m disappointed that Kondo did not let Yokota orchestrate and remix the soundtrack, it must’ve been a painful experience to re-create the same soundtrack on new hardware.

I’ve noticed one instant of slowdown in Hyrule Market Place. Remember that room with tons of bottles? Breaking those off really takes a hit on the frame-rate, which makes me wonder if this will occur again if there’s too much going on.

I’ll keep you guys updated with the latest. In the meantime, keep it locked to Jarrod’s play-through of The Wind Waker!

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  1. Great job Ahmed, and by all means keep it up my man. I’m having a blast playing through Wind Waker, but let’s be honest, everyone wants to know what’s going on with the latest and greatest Zelda out there. If you can continue to pump these out, heck, maybe I won’t have to ;) After Wind Waker I’ll be playing through three portable Zelda games! Ah the madness!

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