The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Adventure Log – Part II: Time to Grow Up!

My invasion of Jarrod’s Legendary Journey series continues as I play through Ocarina of Time 3D. I have just jumped seven years into the future and am now controlling Adult Link (no completed dungeons as of yet), but I made the incentive of going through every single side-quest as a child before pulling the Master Sword from its pedestal. Messed around with the over-world a lot before time travelling. I stumbled on a very interesting piece of dialogue as a child before pulling off The Master Sword, which I highly recommend everyone doing. Usually at this point of the game, we simply go to the Temple of Time and trigger the 7 year jump. Instead, you should go to the ally of Hyrule Castle Market and find a wounded Knight, who will feed you with the events that took place in the Castle. I won’t spoil more, but that encounter is definitely something all returning fans need to experience.

Located 38 gold skulltulas and a lot of heart pieces. I find myself remembering these little side-quests a lot more than the game’s actual dungeons. Not that the first three dungeons surprised me. The design, while fun, is clearly outranked by the likes of Twilight Princess and Spirit Tracks in terms of complexity and difficulty. I recall the Adult Link portions being far more challenging, yet I have the feeling that I’ll speed my way through them thanks to the experience I’ve had with the series after OoT. Keep in mind that I haven’t played this installment in 9 years which is why my memory of the dungeons is hazy at best. It’s just weird that I remember the side-quests more than the main ones though. For example, I managed to finish up the mask trading side-quest extremely early on this time around, compared to my play-through 9 years ago which extended well into the Adult Link section. However, I almost completely forgot of the details of obtaining Epona. Neglected learning Epona’s Song early, and it took me awhile to figure out how to obtain her as an Adult. Call me weird, but the first thing I wanted to do when I turned into an Adult was obtaining the Fire Tunic early, which I did. By the way, another thing which took me by surprise is that the hookshot being my first new weapon as an Adult. I completely forgot that I obtain it early on.

Finally, I’ll leave you with one last shocker; conversing with the creepy Poe seller as an Adult yields a very “edgy” line of dialogue. As he complements Link’s good looks, he goes on to say, “if I were as handsome as you, I would be doing another line of work right now.” Wow. That made me laugh uncomfortably. Does anyone even remember this line from the original n64 version? My buddies were shocked to see suggestive themes in a Zelda game. Makes you wonder how they got away with it back then and why they never modified it in the remake.

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  1. I’d say I’m around 7-10 hours in Spirit Tracks. Awesome game so far. Few things I don’t like, one, the visuals are but-ugly when riding the train. The backgrounds are static 2D images that pop up really late and they look horrible. Second, the train riding is getting a lot more enjoyable, but it is a chore to backtrack because of this. Add the fact that there are evil trains chasing you and it makes backtracking even more of a pain.

    Besides this though, everything else is awesome! I’m having a blast here and can’t wait to play more. I do hope that eventually, Nintendo brings Zelda back to its roots where you can actually walk into an overworld and explore. Still not bad though, and I don’t know why ever one hates the stylus controls. I wouldn’t play these games any other way.

    1. Yeah, man. Anything Train-related will most likely suck, Steven. It gets a bit better later on, but still sucks. Everything else, particularly the dungeon design, will compensate for that crap though. Glad you’re liking it. Trust me, man, it gets very challenging later on!

      One major problem with ST’s stylus controls is that the input for rolling is similar to attacking, unlike Phantom Hourglass which required different motions for the two actions. So…you will occasionally run into the problem of mistakenly doing a roll instead of an attack, which gets incredibly frustrating toward the end of the game.

  2. Yeah it does happen a few time when I launch myself into a botomless pit by accident when really I wanted to attack. Minor complaint though.

    The trains part are more fun now, especially since I’m hunting all the rabbits. Still though, I hate the scenery, it just looks ugly.

    Finished the 3rd dungeon a while ago, doing all the sidequests. I have a lot of Heart containers to, around 13 or 14 already. Having a blast. Need to head to bed now… play more tomorrow. Oot3D might arrive tomorrow, but I’m not playing that till I’m done with ST. The way I’m playing right now, shouldn’t take long since I can’t stop playing.

  3. Really glad you’re getting back into Zelda. Seems like everyone here is getting back onboard with Nintendo in some way. That’s good to hear :) I should finish up Wind Waker in the next few days, just been really busy with family stuff so I haven’t had much of a chance to play over the past few days.

  4. Ahmed I’m pretty far in the game (spirit tracks) and I’m really wondering if I should even bother to upgrade my train? I’ve read a bit online and it doesn’t even do nothing besides modifying the looks of the train. I couldn’t careless at all about that. It can give you a few more hearts though, but do you really need those later on? I’d just sell the treasures for cash and get items if the hearts are not worth it.

    1. Yeah…pretty much the only useful things about Train upgrades are hearts, looks, and the sound of the whistle. They could’ve used the upgrades to increase the speed or something.

  5. Do I need the hearts though, maybe for a train boss battle later on (although that has not happened yet)? Or would I be fine with 4? If so, I’ll just use the treasure to buy stuff. I need to rack up 2000 points to get a Heart Container from that hot balloon guy.

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