The Legendary Journey – Wind Waker – Chapter 3

Platform: GameCube
Play Time: The time is not recorded in this game.

Where am I? I just finished finding out that Princess Zelda is Tetra.  I’ve completed the second play through the Forsaken Fortress as well as the Tower of the Gods.  Now I have two more temples to go and the giant Triforce of Courage fetch quest to complete.

Gameplay advancements: There’s a major gameplay advancement introduced in Wind Waker that I completely forgot to mention in my previous entries, the Wind Waker itself!  This handy little baton allows Link to change the wind’s direction, which has a major impact on gameplay.  If you want to make a leap with the Deku leaf, you need to ensure the wind is blowing in the proper direction.  The same is true for sailing.  The baton also has other magical properties, once new songs are learnt including the ability to take control of statues akin to the Dominion Rod in Twilight Princess. You can also gain the ability to warp through the use of the baton, which makes traveling around ten thousand times more enjoyable.

Favorite weapon thus far: I’ve snagged a few more weapons since my last entry including the bombs, bow and arrows and the hammer.  Of these three the bow and arrows is the most useful, but obviously the classic bombs never get old.  When we take all the weapons into consideration it’s tough to say, but I’m sticking with the grappling hook, and boomerang a lot so that must mean something.  What’s so great with the bombs in Wind Waker is they allow you to use a cannon on your boat, so perhaps they should be elevated in status.  I’ll leave it at that for now, grappling hook, bow and arrows and boomerang as the top three weapons.

Plot Points: I met this character just outside of the Forest Haven that really cracked me up.  He said that to join the Nintendo Gallery you have to become a member.  He goes on to say that it shouldn’t be too difficult because they’ve been losing a lot of members lately because of gimmicky new features they’re introducing, but true fans know they’re the best.  Gee, I wonder what Nintendo of America were trying to imply here.

When I returned to Outset Island and found Jabun, the Water Spirit, I was awarded Nayru’s Pearl.  I did learn something interesting though; Jabun asked the King of Red Lions whether or not Link was somehow related to the Legendary Hero, to which the King answered no.  Jabun also knows that Ganon’s true plan is to cast the world into darkness once and for all.  There’s a lot of mention of shadow here, much like seen in TP.

I wonder what this represents?

After placing the three pearls into statues situated in different locations on the Great Sea, the three pearls unlocked the essences of the goddesses and formed a Triforce underneath the ocean.  A giant tower erected itself out of it.  The King of Red Lions told Link that this was known as the Tower of the Gods and acted as a trial.  It was their way of testing the one true hero.  Only one of pure courage would be able to surpass the trials and prove himself to the gods and therefore collect the power to defeat Ganon.

Once I did prove myself, Link was teleported to the very top of the tower, which held a giant bell.  After ringing the bell a gold portal opened up just outside the tower.  The King of the Red Lions escorted Link to the portal and the two started making their way underwater.  Link was amazed that he could breathe; clearly there was something magical about this place.

This was my favorite part of Wind Waker, entering the black and white Hyrule Castle.  It was awesome because there were suspended enemies everywhere and time had completely stopped.  Link was perplexed as to what was going on, but the King told him there was no time to explain.  Link needed to seek out a specific item from the castle.

The castle was littered with enemies, but the coolest thing was the giant statue of the Hero of Time.  I solved an insanely easy puzzle, which was supposed to keep evil locked out forever mind you.  I finally saw it in all its beauty…the Master Sword.  There was a really nice light effect cast over the Master Sword, frozen in time.  Great touch if you ask me.  Once Link removed the sword color and time returned to Hyrule Castle.  Another really nice touch was that of the five statues lowering their swords as in to knight Link when he first removed the Master Sword. Wicked stuff.

After making my way back to the Forsaken Fortress Link reunited with Aryll and guess who showed up just as I got there, Tetra and her pirate buddies.  She was shocked to see Link with the Master Sword and asked, “are you…is it even possible?”  Tetra promised to take Aryll back to Onset Island as Link prepared to fight the giant bird, the Helmaroc King.  With the battle over, Link decided to turn his attention to Ganon.

When Link finally met Ganondorf (who introduced himself as such), he exclaimed “it’s been a while, boy.”  Remember this is the same Ganondorf that fought the Hero of Time in Ocarina of Time so he knows Link and Zelda quite well, just not this generation’s.  Ganondorf tells Link that by removing the Master Sword from Hyrule Castle he unlocked a great seal that contained all of Ganondorf’s power.  Link then went to strike Ganondorf, but the Master Sword was unable to do anything to Ganondorf.  Turned out the Master Sword is out of its mojo, which Ganondorf was so kind to tell Link.  Just as he was about to kill Link, Tetra ran in and told Link to get up.  Ganondorf then grabbed Tetra but as he touched her he notices her necklace, which began to glow, then his Triforce of Power also started to glow.  Ganondorf exploded into laughter saying that he had finally found Princess Zelda.  Tetra said she had no idea what he was talking about.  Ganondorf said he didn’t believe her because of her Triforce fragment.  Tetra and Link are then rescued, and Valoo came in and burnt down the Forsaken Fortress.   Valoo was the first spirit guardian I met back at Dragon Island.

The King of Red Lions then took Tetra and Link back to Hyrule.  Link and Tetra returned to the spot where the Master Sword was and were greeted by Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, King of Hyrule.  Daphnes is also the King of the Red Lions, yes the King of Hyrule has been your guide throughout the whole game, pretty cool no?  He goes on to tell Link and Tetra that Ganon once turned Hyrule into a world of shadows as he tried to obtain the power of the gods.  He said he was unable to stop Ganon and so the people of Hyrule had to leave their fate in the hands of the gods.  The gods heard the pleas and answered them by sealing away Ganon, and all of Hyrule along with him.  That’s when the torrential rains started and didn’t stop until all of Hyrule was completely buried under the water.  The gods selected certain people to rebuild the land, and told them to take refuge on the mountaintops.  It has been hundreds of years since that time.

Turns out Tetra was actually Princess Zelda all along...

The King tells Tetra that her necklace is a fragment of the Triforce of Wisdom.  He then rebuilds the Triforce of Wisdom and it transforms Tetra into her real self, Princess Zelda.  The mark suddenly appears on her hand confirming who she really is.  Tetra is shocked to learn of her past, and of being the last in the royal bloodline.  Ganondorf will stop at nothing to steal Zelda’s Triforce for his own and therefore it’s decided she will stay in hiding until Link has the Master Sword fully powered up.

The King informs Link that something must have happened to the sages who infused the Master Sword with the gods’ power.  He says the sages should be in two temples down in Hyrule, but Ganon has erected a barrier blocking the way.  There are other locations on the Great Sea that should lead back down to Hyrule and into these two temples.

The final piece of information the boat/King revealed was the old legend of the Hero of Time.  He said that the hero defeated Ganon and brought peace back to Hyrule.  The hero was given a piece of the Triforce to protect, but when he was called forth on another journey and left Hyrule the Triforce of Wisdom split into eight shards.  Link is charged with finding the Triforce shards and entering the two temples to restore the Master Sword.  What an adventure this is turning into.

Moving the series forward: Wind Waker has felt incredibly epic in both scope and storyline since my last update.  I’ve already touched upon several features I’d like to see in the next Zelda, but I think an important one is to continue to create epic storylines and maybe keep the in-between dungeon stuff to a minimum.  I found I spent hours here just talking to different characters and collecting a variety of goodies, only to realize I only completed a single dungeon in all that time.  Exploration is awesome and well rewarded, but I don’t like being forced to what should be side-quest material.

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  1. And this is why The Wind Waker arguably contains the best storyline in the series. Taking it a step further than Ocarina of Time, TWW manages to use the lore we all know and love while delivering a completely original storyline. Let’s hope Skyward Sword evokes the same feelings, too.

  2. Once I’m done with this insane task I’ve set before me, I’m going to highlight key moments from each game that really stayed with me. I’m sure Wind Waker is going have a lot. In fact I’m likely going to say Wind Waker is one of the very best Zelda games ever. There I actually just said it!

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